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Takeaways: Measuring Brand Value

Watch Raj Venkatesan summarize this week's key learnings.
So, we had a lot of fun in this module. We had fun with Skosh time as well. We learned that brands are an extremely valuable asset. Their value can be measured in many ways and tracking the value of brands over time allows firms to measure the impact of actions on brand value. So we learned that brands are this multi-dimensional construct that marketing influences in many ways, and analytics tells us how marketing is influencing brands and what is the value of this brand. Now you should be able to define and evaluate a brand and brand architecture, track the value of brands over time, measure the impact on brand value of marketing decisions.
Hope you had some fun and are now ready to take those quizzes.

In this video, Raj summarizes key learnings from the week. After you’re done watching, go ahead and test your knowledge on the final test.

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