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Track your PFME Progress

Track your PFME Progress
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A good way to motivate yourself to do Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises (PFMEs) is to track your progress over time.

In the Downloads section below, we are including three trackers depending on your ability to do these exercises, and your self-assessment in a previous step.

Use the table at the top of the page to fill out your PFME activities across each week.

  • For the slow squeeze, you can fill in how long you could hold your PFMEs and how many repetitions (reps) you can do.
  • In the fast squeeze, the contraction shouldn’t be held, so the idea is squeeze and then release. Count how many you can do of these, and take note of them in the tracker.

A table giving an example of what the PFME tracker looks like. It has the days of the week at the top and includes blank boxes where you can insert your PFME activities in terms of repetitions and length of hold.

As well as doing your PFMEs, we have also included other exercises that are good for improving your pelvic floor at the bottom of the tracker.

This image shows some of the optional pelvic floor and core exercises including bridge and twist. For the bridge breathe in and as you exhale, squeeze your pelvic floor and raise your hips. Then breathe in to lower your hips and release your pelvic floor. Repeat x 5. Make sure to let your pelvic floor fully release between squeezes. For the twist breathe in and as you exhale, squeeze your pelvic floor and lower your knees to one side. Breathe in and as you exhale, lift your pelvic floor and bring your knees back to the middle and release your pelvic floor. Repeat x 5 each side. Make sure to let your pelvic floor fully release between squeezes

© Trinity College Dublin
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