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Creating a video CV

Tips on how to create a video CV that sells your skills and experience.
Creating a video CV. You may wish to create a video CV to promote yourself in an innovative way compared to a traditional CV. Maybe you want to make use of new technology, to demonstrate your skills and personality, and stand out from the crowd.
Video CVs could also be a great way to get noticed if you are sending a speculative application to an organisation. But do your research first. Some organisations will be open to this form of application. Others are not. If in doubt, stick to a traditional CV. If you choose to create a video CV, make sure you prepare beforehand so that you present yourself professionally. If you intend to include your video CV along with a written CV, you can use the opportunity to add more depth and highlight what you can offer. If you are only submitting a video CV, you will need to include the key points that you would normally add to a traditional CV, including education, work experience, and skills.
Here are some tips. Write a script to cover your key points. Try to tell a story and make it interesting. Rehearse it, but don’t just recite it word for word. Try to make it appear spontaneous and engaging. Target it to the job sector you are applying to by focusing on relevant experiences and skills. End with an engaging summary about yourself that makes the recruiter want to find out more. Find a quiet place where you’re not going to be disturbed to record your video. Keep it to less than three minutes.
Do a few screen tests. Make sure the camera is focused on you and the microphone picks up your voice clearly. Make eye contact and remember to smile. Don’t sit with your back to a window, as you will appear in silhouette, making it difficult to see your clearly. Dress as you would for an interview. Avoid dazzling the camera by wearing brilliant white or bright colours, small stripes or busy patterns. Go for solid plain colours. Consider varying your presentation by showing examples of your work that you are proud of, particularly, if you are applying for jobs within the creative industries. Check out the latest free video editing software.
There’s a lot out there, but some may have limitations in length or editing tools available. If you are considering posting your video CV online to a jobs board, check that the website where you are hosting your CV is a reputable and secure one. It should be one where you need to create an account so your video CV is targeted to organisations that you are interested in, and not open to everyone. Keep personal information to a minimum, such as name and professional email address. If you think that a video CV will help you to sell yourself to recruiter, why not have a go at producing one? But only if you have the confidence and are comfortable with the technology.
Once published, show it to your family and friends to get a second opinion before you post it.


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You may want to further develop your professional online profile by creating a video CV that sells your skills and experience to recruiters.
If you do choose to create one, make sure you prepare beforehand so that you present yourself professionally.
What do you need to include in your presentation?
  • Are you creating and submitting a video CV along with a written CV?
  • Are you only creating and submitting a video CV?
Write a script to cover your key points and make it interesting.
Where do you plan to post your video CV?
Video CVs can be a great way to sell yourself, but only have a go if you have the confidence and are comfortable with the technology. If in doubt, stick to a traditional CV.
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