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What’s in a brand? Find out on FutureLearn’s The Secret Power of Brands

Registration is open for the second-run of this free, online course

Back by popular demand, the global brand consultants Wolff Olins have teamed up with the University of East Anglia to offer a second run of their innovative online higher education level course available on FutureLearn, the UK’s free social learning platform, to learn about how brands work, how they are created and the role they play in everyday life.

The Secret Power of Brands delivers an effective mix of theoretical understanding brought to life by practical examples from the people who helped shape global brands such as Google, Virgin and AOL. Anyone can sign up now, and the course starts on Monday, 24 February. The initial run of the course was the very first offered on FutureLearn and registration was capped at 10,000, but now there is no limit to the number of learners who can sign up.

Developed by Wolff Olins, along with the team of academics behind UEA’s Brand Leadership MSc, the six-week massive open online course, or MOOC, is free and accessible to all with an internet connection. By the end of the course, learners will have the simple tools to help them create or develop brands for the companies they work for, for their own companies or simply for themselves.

Taught by the academic and practitioner Robert Jones, Head of New Thinking at Wolff Olins and visiting professor at UEA, The Secret Power of Brands is suitable for people of all levels of experience.

“Many learners from our autumn course are already applying what they learned about brands to their own companies. It changed people’s minds about branding in what they called eye-opening ways, and, like the brands we dive into, the geographical spread of learners spans the globe, bringing an in-depth and diverse element to the unique social learning platform on FutureLearn,” Jones says.

FutureLearn provides a social learning experience that encourages a global community of learners to interact amongst themselves and with the course educator. When The Secret Power of Brands launched in September 2013, students from all over the world, from Mongolia to Mexico debated the meaning of “brand” and whether brands could be forces for good.

Irery Melchor Duran is a junior consultant who works on branding and franchising projects at Asesori consulting firm in Aguascalientes, Mexico. She took the first run of The Secret Power of Brands and said the course has given her a leg up on her career in branding.

“I’m confident that my newly learnt knowledge is going to help me make better projects in the future. FutureLearn is a very dynamic platform: you read articles, see short videos and see opinions from experts about different topics. In fact, I have already recommended FutureLearn to my co-workers.”

To sign up for The Secret Power of Brands, go to

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