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ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management

Advance in your career as you gain key management skills and become accredited with this ILM Level 5 online microcredential.

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Develop your leadership skills with The University of Aberdeen

Leaders and managers can often be promoted with very little structured support. This online microcredential will help provide that support, empowering you to lead, motivate, and inspire your team.

For those navigating the challenges of middle management, this microcredential will arm you with essential leadership skills to drive results and be well-prepared for your responsibilities. 

Tailored for middle managers, project managers, and department heads, this ILM Level 5 provides an internationally recognised qualification. For entry-level managers, we also offer an ILM Level 3 Award to help you start your leadership journey. 

Develop your strategic thinking skills

Strategic thinking is a crucial skill for effective leaders. 

This microcredential will encourage you to think strategically, enabling you to make decisions that align with your organisation’s goals and maintain competitiveness. 

Use leadership theories to find your leadership style

You’ll delve into various leadership theories and traits to find the ones you can apply to your context. Next, you’ll use these theories to evaluate your own leadership style and its impact on your team. 

Through this exploration, you’ll establish your key responsibilities, delegation principles, and learn to empower others as a leader. 

Keep organisational values central to your leadership role

Next, you’ll discover how you can help improve your organisation’s performance through continuous change. 

You’ll learn how to conduct an environmental and organisational analysis to identify areas for change and assess the risks involved. 

With this knowledge, you’ll then develop a change implementation plan that ensures organisational values, vision, and mission remain central to your leadership. 

Learn how to manage stress and conflict in the workplace

Leaders must navigate workplace conflicts skillfully in order to resolve tensions quickly. This microcredential equips you with the knowledge to manage conflict effectively and ensure a harmonious and productive team. 

As part of understanding your managerial responsibilities, you’ll also learn how to manage stress in the workplace. You’ll discover how to identify stress symptoms, its causes and effects, and develop plans for stress management for you and your team. 

Advance in your career at a pace that suits you

This fully online ILM microcredential is designed to fit around your current commitments to help you learn flexibly anywhere, anytime.

Taught at undergraduate level by experienced professionals, you’ll gain top insights and have access to your interactive learning materials whenever suits you. 

How will the leadership skills I learn help in my career?

Middle managers need to be able to step into their role with confidence to lead their team effectively. 

This microcredential will prepare you to successfully transition into middle management and develop as a leader to be able to advance into a senior position in the future.

Will I receive university credits?

Yes, you’ll receive 15 university credits from the University of Aberdeen.

The University of Aberdeen has been approved by the Institute of Leadership & Management which means this microcredential is also coupled with a formal ILM qualification. You’ll receive a Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management from the ILM when you successfully complete the microcredential.

How will I be assessed?

You’ll be assessed through three written assignments, one per unit and each between 2000 and 5000 words. You’ll need to pass each assignment to complete your qualification.

You’ll use your organisation and your role within it as a case study for each of your assignments. You’ll use workplace examples to evaluate, analyse, and form judgements to help you develop practical knowledge you can use in the real-world.

Your tutor will also be available throughout the course for support. 

Are you eligible for this microcredential?

There are no entry requirements however, you should have knowledge of your organisation to be able to complete the work-based assignments.

You should also have a level of reading and writing comprehension equivalent to National 3, Standard Grade or GCSE.

You’ll also get access to Office365 applications to use online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and install these programs on up to five personal devices.

Is this microcredential right for you?

This microcredential is designed for middle managers, project managers, and department heads who are looking to hone their leadership skills.


What happens before, during, and after your microcredential

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    ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management

    Advance in your career as you gain key management skills and become accredited with this ILM Level 5 online microcredential.

    12 weeks

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