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Machine Learning for Healthcare

Develop in-demand data science skills and learn how to apply them in healthcare for a rewarding career in health data science.

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Discover the benefits of using machine learning and AI in healthcare

As the application of AI in healthcare continues to expand, how can we ensure it is trustworthy, ethical, and inclusive? 

On this online microcredential, you’ll delve into the applications of AI to discover how we can use health data to improve human health. In particular, you’ll investigate machine learning to learn what it is and how it can be applied to healthcare problems.

This microcredential is stackable, which means you can use your credits to work toward a master’s degree in MSc Applied Health Sciences or MSc Health Data Science from the University of Aberdeen. 

Delve into machine learning applications

You’ll explore the diverse applications of machine learning in healthcare and its problem-solving capabilities.

Through this exploration, you’ll understand the advantages and challenges of integrating AI into healthcare, addressing technical, legal, and ethical considerations. 

Develop your data science skills

To help enhance your understanding of machine learning, you’ll gain practical skills using the popular programming language R. 

You’ll also explore various machine learning algorithms, discussing their applications to specific problems. Next, hone your practical skills as you practise with different datasets to choose the most suitable model and implement it using R. 

Understand the machine learning workflow

Next, you’ll delve into real-world case studies of machine learning.

Hearing from experts in industry and law, you’ll gain specialist insights and explore the machine learning workflow in action.

Learn flexibly online with the University of Aberdeen

This fully-online microcredential is designed to fit with your current commitments. Learn anywhere, anytime, and enhance your career with interactive materials, one-to-one tutorials, and support from your tutors.

What’s more, you’ll participate in group activities to interact with and meet other students.

Will this microcredential help me pursue a career in health data science?

Machine learning is an extremely useful tool for healthcare data scientists. This microcredential is a crucial first step in helping you build your machine learning skills towards a career in health data science.

Armed with this knowledge, you could become a health data analyst, health data scientist, and more as you have opportunities in academia, the NHS, and industry.

How will I be assessed?

Your assessments will be entirely online. It will include a report describing the application of a suitable machine learning algorithm to address a healthcare problem and a poster discussing a published application of machine learning in healthcare.

Will I receive university credit?

Yes, you’ll receive 15 university credits. This is a stackable microcredential which means you can use your credits toward a master’s degree in Applied Health Sciences or Health Data Science from the University of Aberdeen. 

Are you eligible for this microcredential?

There are no entry requirements for this microcredential however, the course is delivered at master’s level and so we recommend you have at least:

  • a 2:2 (second-class) undergraduate degree
  • or relevant experience that supports this level of study.

We recommend that non-native English speakers have a minimum of a 6.5 IELTS score, or equivalent.

Is this microcredential right for you?

This microcredential is designed for those with a background in healthcare or health research who want to learn more about machine learning. It will also be useful for those with a background in computational or data-intensive sciences wanting to work in the health sector.


What happens before, during, and after your microcredential

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    Machine Learning for Healthcare

    Develop in-demand data science skills and learn how to apply them in healthcare for a rewarding career in health data science.

    14 weeks

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