Bailey and French

Woman thinking with her hands clasped in front of her lips.


At Bailey & French our mission is to humanise the world of work. We believe that work is more than something to pay the bills; work should be a place that creates purpose in our lives, connect us with others and provide daily opportunities to learn, grow, flourish and thrive.

From the Civil Service and College of Policing to and Allianz, we are well-known across the public and private sectors for our work translating the latest in positive psychology to simple and practical knowledge and skills which help people, teams and organisations create the three core elements of a truly diverse and inclusive human experience:

Being ourselves

Authentic, inclusive, using our strengths, feeling valued, being able to grow.

Human purpose

Social impact, meaningful work, bettering our future.

Deeper connection

Compassion, kindness, empathy, human first, family, connection.