Jemimah Olaleye

Jemimah Olaleye

I'm Jemimah Olaleye by name. I'm a registered nurse and currently working with Formwork Limited as a construction site nurse ensuring safety on site. I'm a health blogger and advocate,writer and poet.

Location Ogun state, Nigeria


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    HDU and to be monitored for the next 72 hours

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  • There are clinical educators and mentors that helped in learning on the job and support including up to date competencies

  • Critical care is a highly dependent unit that is specialized to care for patients that are severely-Ill through an holistic approach

  • My name is Olaleye Jemimah from Nigeria. I am a nurse by profession. Currently working with a construction company. Anticipating to acquire more knowledge

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  • Good morning everyone, my name is Olaleye Jemimah. I a m a nurse by profession, currently working with a construction company here in Nigeria. I bekieve that this course will increase my knowledge about COVID-19

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  • Special appreciation to the organizers from different disciplines, you did a wonderful job!
    I am delighted to e part of this great class, I have learned beyond expectation. My knowledge of occupational health has been broaden which I will also use to promote the health and safety of workers at my workplace.

    Anticipating to enjoy more educative and...

  • Special appreciation to the organizers from different disciplines, you did a wonderful job!
    I am delighted to e part of this great class, I have learned beyond expectation. My knowledge of occupational health has been broaden which I will also use to promote the health and safety of workers at my workplace.

    Anticipating to enjoy more educative and...

  • - Work should not be done during the rainy season in order to prevent slipping from the roof.
    - Scaffold should be sed
    -Personal protective equipment

  • -Fall
    -Respiratory problem
    -Musculoskeletal injuries
    -Respiratory diseases
    -Hearing loss
    -Head injury

    Preventive measures:
    -Use of personal protective equipment.
    -Good administrative functions.
    -Sophisticated machines
    -Periodic medical check-up

  • Interesting but not all employers can provide the above measures for their workers

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  • This is an ethical dilemma.
    One, her health and her unborn child is at risk. Secondly, her job is at stake.
    -She needs to understand the damaging effects the paint industry will have on her and her unborn baby which can lead to teratogenic effects such as blindness or disability from birth.
    -She should endeavor to inform her employer about her pregnancy and...

  • So disheartening that the majority of employers don't put the safety of their workers especially pregnant women into action.
    In fact, in some health institutions, you will see a heavily pregnant nurse or other health care personnel working vigorously while on duty and if they failed to do so their superiors will embarrass or Query them to the extent of...

  • This is a comprehensive article.
    There is a constant need for awareness programs that will include the employers, employers and the husbands of the pregnant women if possible.

  • Her employer must be aware in order to protect her and her growing fetus from risks associated with occupational hazards

  • -Choose a committee that comprises all personnel involved in occupational health and safety.
    -Review the existing policies on occupational health.
    -Formulate new policies that will be in the interest of both the management and the workers.
    -Periodic annual visitation to construction companies.
    -Training of occupational health personnel.
    -Punishment to...

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    Glad to participate in wellness promotion of occupational health activities among workers at my working place

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    Though here in Nigeria, the occupational health sector is not given priority despite the fact that there are various fields that need it in order to promote the health and safety of the workers

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    This is a useful piece to be practiced by workers on night shif or other shifts that effects them

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    Someone needs to read this right now

  • This is always hectic for health practitioners. Most times, break down do occur due to the fact that the work is demanding and challenging, low staff ratio on shift to a larger percentage of patients to care for.

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  • She should frankly tell the guy to back off and if he doesn't, she should report to her manager for prompt interventions. But if the manager doesn't take any actions, she can file a suit against the perpetrator

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  • Thanks for this wonderful article. While in training as a student nurse, I witnessed and experienced verbal harassment and derogatory speeches from patients, co-students, relatives, superiors and other health professionals.
    This always makes me feel weird while on clinical posting yet they still expect you to perform actively at work.

    There was a day a...

  • Looking at the situation on the ground, fairness is needed.

    Judging from the educational aspect, an individual with academic qualifications should be able to get an upper hand in the case but this will also create chaos because the other party has acquired experience over the years.

    In order not to draw a battle line, a third party who is neutral should...

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    But here in Nigeria, any attempt to embark on strike is a huge problem for workers, especially in the health sectors.

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  • Thanks souch for this powerful topic and illustration

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  • Burn out is a challenge for all workers in all disciplines .

    We need to develop positive mental habits

  • Conducive and safe environment

    Good management and organization structure

    Cooperation and unity

    Love atmosphere



  • A crucial topic to be addressed at workplace

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  • Machines should be used for challenging, demanding and arduous work in order to relieve men from stress and other health-related problem

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    This is crucial information to be put into consideration.

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  • Thank you so much. Musculoskeletal diseases are the major problems with workers in all settings.

  • I think it is rampant though a lot of people don't know that skin diseases can be caused by work exposure.
    Workers in the following industries are at high risk of skin disease tye and dye, construction, medicine, painters, chemical, hairdressers and soap trade.

    Awareness should be increased through physical and online sensitization, employers should...

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  • Thanks for this article. A lot of people don't see this as a serious issue. There was a time the workers on-site were having skin infections such as rashes, boils, eczema among others. It was discovered that the source of water they use was the problem and exposure to cement remnants when the batching plant wasn't functioning.

    The source of water was...

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    Majority of the people in my country, here in Nigeria still make use of asbestos and its related substances.
    All stakeholders need to come together and make effective legislation on the use of asbestos in the country

  • Preventive measures are the key to reducing hazards.

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    I have learned a lot.

  • A very crucial topic.

  • Good one. I hope this can organization exist in Nigeria .

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