Edward Meinert

Edward Meinert

I am a chartered engineer, and my research interests are centred on digital health and its application to global public health challenges.

Location Oxford


  • What could be done to control this occurring?

  • This is interesting @ShaunRowark ; could you elaborate?

  • We will discuss this more in the course!

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  • Conflicts and wars are triggered by multiple complicated factors and some of these factors can be directly affected by environmental conditions such as droughts. Think about it this way; a drought increases the demand for water, water scarcity leads to violence and conflict over resources affecting the economic state of the country leading to political conflicts.

  • Geophysical disasters referred to in the graph are primarily earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, whereas weather hazards are mostly floods and storms or typhoons. The graph shows how many people were forced to leave their homes due to weather and geographical related hazards in the years 2008-2014 on a global level. You can learn more about this graph by...

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  • What surprised you?

  • Great to think so; why do you believe it is key?

  • Love this site!

  • @MatimbaSwana How do you think this could be addressed?

  • @JoanneWhite Thank you very much for your feedback. We will look to make the course less UK specific in the next run and we look forward to hear about your energies in efforts to combat climate change!

  • @PaulCliffordHough Outstanding point - Dr Murray did not mean to convey that climate change is over; it is continuous and it is up to us to take action given it's impact

  • @keithmiles Seriously though, do you believe there are good counter-arguments to the links we have conveyed?

  • The lid is made from repurposed materials

  • @JamesBailey I see now!

  • @LesleneWOODWARD Thank you for this feedback. Our core team is UK based and we need to work harder in subsequent course runs to make this course more global. We will do this in the next course instance this year.

  • @EmilioServeraMartínez Thanks for your feedback. Methods to do economic costing are involved strategies and would be difficult to implement in an introductory course as this MOOC is meant to be. However, we will consider your perspective and consider developing a more sophisticated course where we could employ and teach these methods to learners who have...

  • @LisaSilver @EmilioServeraMartínez Thanks for pointing this out; I have corrected the link

  • @PaulCliffordHough I think the starting point is citizen engagement on issues. By writing letters to the editor, discussing this at the local level, creating the visibility this is a priority issue for the public. If we all do this together, we can slowly impact change.

  • @CarolWilson This is a good point you raise. One strategy is not to think about how much evidence is enough to provide an overwhelming case but to think about how in a small micro-step, what is sufficient information to demonstrate the impact these the impact of climate change and the associations with health

  • @LesleneWOODWARD Thank you for your feedback. We are looking to make additional global case studies which are not so UK/EU specific; our funding is from the EU and our core team from the UK and as such, many examples have been focused in this domain.

  • @EmilioServeraMartínez Thank you for this feedback; we will look into this question and improve in subsequent course runs

  • @PaulCliffordHough I follow what you are saying; you are suggesting show be at higher magnitude than 1:1?

  • @LesleneWOODWARD I have never been to Australia (full disclosure). To understand your point, you are saying sometimes control burning is OK? I understand that. What the point this is focusing on is destruction of trees for production purposes without a plan for sustainability

  • @evelynseingmurillo do you mean at a more macro level for overall trends?

  • @TimShipway Thanks for your feedback. We invest significant resources into the development of these courses in order to inform the public of our research in a free and accessible way so would appreciate your thoughts on how to structure content differently.

  • @HelenaHudecova good point. but just because it is difficult, do you think we should try regardless?

  • @CarolWilson I think this is the key point; in order to make conclusions from activities is challenging, however, what we can do is use an aggregate of studies to identifies trends and make inferences which require more study. As far as weather is concerned, a key consideration is that if there is a change to the duration of periods of extreme hot or cold, the...

  • I concur with you is sustainability is what is key; I believe this is what you are speaking to. As to what form of economics is the best way to achieve this, I shall leave this to other scholars as this is not my area of research - but I indeed take your points and believe they are very important viewpoints!

  • Or it could be the responsibilities of cities, government to ensure high quality area in general; parents perhaps make a tipping point concerning the issue?

  • Language like this needs to be carefully used to avoid making direct inferences. These elements are subject to debate and the words reflect this balance. I see your point though, but I think we need to use this type of language to describe developing evidence

  • I am all for counter positions. The problem is what is the basis for evidence. This is all we can do in science, evaluate two sides of an argument and see where the stronger evidence exists. My poetry is data - Meinert.

  • Hi @LisaSilver ; thanks for your feedback. If you can let us know which areas to modify we will be happy to take these comments on board in the next course run. This is only our second-course run and we are still making changes. I try to make comments on items but not try to impune debate; I will go back and check the issue on Pangolin meat and come back

  • EU = European Union

  • There is technology to analyse this and it is an increasing issue in cities; if parents start demanding action on this, do you think it will lead to change?

  • Many thanks for your feedback; do you mean the need to scale is not necessary in a global context?

  • The key issue is the time for such regeneration

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  • Why is 1:1 exchange insufficient?

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