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  • It is shocking to realize that DVA is increasing at a very alarming rate. If you check it, the causes of DVA is very minute and something that could be handled.

  • No doubt, i have learnt quite a lot particularly the forms of abuse.

  • Domestic violence does not only involve the use of physical force on the body of another. It also entails infliction of psychological injuries or verbally abusing the person. In the latter case, it is aimed at denting the image of the victim. There are instances where a spouse is starved of sex which ought to be his/her conjugal rights. That is in itself...

  • you sure have a point here

  • It really has not changed my life in any way because, ordinarily, there are so many things a woman can do that i can also do except giving birth. Things I can do as a man, I do them well too

  • In my opinion, i believe nothing should be gender biased. The world is fast evolving and the primitive notion that there are things exclusively reserved for men or women is fast fading away. For instance, in the Nigerian context, there is the notion that it is an abomination for a man to be found in the kitchen, as the kitchen is the exclusive reserve of the...

  • women are mostly abused physically, but there are other forms of abuses like the psychological and oral abuses

  • I am a Lawyer having taken family law as one of my elective courses in my final year in the university. We treated the topic on domestic violence and also read copious articles on domestic violence. It is one area that has become a trend in our modern society. I would really love to use these three weeks to garner as much knowledge as possible so as to in my...

  • The biggest problem here is that most of the victims of domestic violence never own or speak up. they decide to bottle it up till they could bear it no longer. therefore, it is full hardy to identify victims of domestic violence

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    like i commented earlier, women are seen as weaker vessels and always feel highly insecure as they walk home alone, hence they are easy catch for their preys. from the video, it is quite glaring that women are generally the victims of harassment and other forms of molestation. it takes a woman who can fight her oppressors to take that courage to walk down home...

  • Generally, men are seen as stronger than women and the latter are seen as the weaker vessels. However, it is not in all cases as some men are weaker than women and would never have the nerves to walk home alone late?
    On the flip side, women naturally are vulnerable to harassment from the opposite sex whenever she's walking alone late at night. To sum it up,...

  • Looking forward

  • copyright helps to protect the economic rights of a creator or an author from unauthorised exploitation of his sweat and labour without his permission

  • exactly my points too.. really cant wait to learn same too

  • change, inconvenience and discomfort

  • climate change could also bring about a heavy drop in food production as the farming areas are taken over by flood which makes production of rice in the region difficult.

  • highly educating and detailed

  • i seriously agree with you on this score. simply put, the atmosphere is becoming hotter by the day and it is increasingly unbearable.

  • Looking back to the past would help to correct the mistakes both in the present and past and also help to forestall future occurrence in the future. This also applies to climate change

  • I want to believe that sensitization is the key because the anthropogenic activities that lead to climate change is done out of utmost ignorance. Beautiful and detailed article

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    What about doing tracks for movies? Would it still under movies or music?

  • My question is...could the wildfire endemic in California also be as a result of climate change?

  • Quite enlightening. But the topics that have acronyms should be spelt out in full for proper understanding or a glossary sent out to aid understanding

  • I'm a first degree holder in theatre/dramatic arts majored in theatre troupe management. Thereafter, I went on to obtain a Law degree. In my final year, my project area was on intellectual property and submajored in copyright.
    I must confess, my final year project work ignited my interest in intellectual property law and I have not rested on my oars as I have...

  • I really believe I'm going to learn a whole lot from this course as it focuses more on the economic aspect of copyright rather than the legal ambit. I'm not buoyant at the moment, would love to upgrade so I can follow this course to the end and earn a prestigious certificate therefrom

  • People often misconstrue the meaning of weather as the meaning of climate and vice-versa .
    Weather is the sum of the condition of the atmosphere of an area at a given time; while climate is the average weather condition of a place at a given time.

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    From the articles thus far, I have been able to learn the roles played by the different gases to the blanket of the earth's atmosphere. I am also made aware that these gases especially Carbon dioxide increase as a result of human activities like indiscriminate fossil fuel burning and other harmful activities that could excessively heat up the atmosphere.

  • When sunlight reaches the earth's surface, it can either be reflected back into space or absorbed by earth. once absorbed, the planet releases some of the energy back into the atmosphere as heat (infrared radiation). Greenhouse gases absorb energy, slowing or preventing the loss of heat to space. Therefore, the GHGs act like a balance making earth warmer than...

  • i think you are right. greenhouse effect is more like trapping and remitting the heat back into the atmosphere causing it to heat up. however, the blanket analogy is to the effect that the blanket of gases helps to warm the atmosphere and prevents us from freezing.

  • in addition, climate change also means the drastic and negative change in the average weather condition of a place. this also includes patterns of temperatures, precipitation (rain or snow), humidity, wind and seasons. it also means the increase in average global temperature and also a change is the global statistical distribution of weather patterns when that...

  • In my opinion, climate change is a drift from the average climate pattern. This change has a whole lot of negative impacts on the atmosphere.