Naana Nkansah Agyekum

Naana Nkansah  Agyekum

Hi, I'm the Communications Manager for Proforest Africa. Having worked as a journalist, I love to connect with people and listen to their stories. Why? Because we can use our stories to drive change.

Location Ghana


  • The main clause is 'never give up'. You can pause and reflect and restrategise. But don't give up. Change can take a long time.

  • Congrats to all of you who persevered till Week 8.

  • @RACHEALWAMBUIWAHOME This is a clear example of 'nothing about us without us' as we discussed earlier.

  • @NwabuezeOris-Oriaku, in most cases, what we can do is to engage and use the resources we have to influence certain government decisions. There are times CSOs, and communities have formed a strong alliance to overturn certain government decisions. The important thing is to identify the different spheres and know what you can do at each level.

  • One thing I have also learnt from my work in raising advocates is to ensure that you equip more than just a person so different people will be talking about the same issue. When this approach is used, it makes it difficult for just an individual to be targeted.

  • I believe the consultation with communities and the people we are supporting should be done at various stages of the campaign to drive them along and also communicate any change to them.


  • @NwabuezeOris-Oriaku , I am a strong believer of using our personal stories to make change happen. Stories are powerful because they connect to our hearts.

  • @JoD Yes it can be. So, once you identify how challenging this can be, it helps you to be conscious of other people and their views.

  • Hi @HannahHendry. Good to know you are learning something new. To add to your point, invisible and hidden powers are the ones we need to pay greater attention to. Why? Because they are sometimes not easily identifiable, but they have huge influence in what manifest as visible power.

  • @CooperKing Great reflection. Thanks for sharing.

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    @LiciaVitali 'Sometimes it's a double-edged sword'. I really like this point.

  • Hi @JulieS, I like the fact that even if you are representing a group, you allow them to voice their own concerns and you amplify their voice through the use of social media and other media tools. First person narration is very powerful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi @NwabuezeOris-Oriaku , these words are key in every change process. Good observation.

  • Hello @RACHEALWAMBUIWAHOME , a quick look at your change goal as well. Is it the case that you want women displaced or not economically stable have alternative livelihoods or income activities within a certain geographical area?

  • I can understand Omo, people most of the time experience the ills of public holders which cloud the good things other public holders are doing. That should not stop us from commending those who are doing the right thing.

  • Thanks for sharing your inspiring stories from different countries.

  • I share the same thoughts on importance of making things clear to the people. That is why as change makers, we need to set clear objectives for our campaigns.

  • Thanks for your reflections, Ana. I saw that campaign and the effort all the partners put in at that time for the desired results.

  • That's very true. Context analysis is very important in the change process to understand where you need to invest time and effort to bring a desirable change.

  • Yes, mobilising to get the power of the people can drive change.

  • Yes Cooper, stories are powerful in the change process. As humans, we connect to stories easily.

  • Hi Douglas, that is very true. How do we unleash the power within? As we progress through the course, the topic on power and the various forms it takes will be discussed. Good luck.

  • Yes! Unconscious bias if not checked can push us into making some assumptions that may not be the reality. It can cloud our judgement and prevent us from understanding other people or a situation better.

  • Hello everyone, I'm Naana from Ghana.

  • @RissiAssani Just want to add that change can be swift and it can also take a longer time. It all depends on the type of change you are pursuing. The good thing is to remain persistent in your drive for change.

  • Hello everyone and Welcome!
    I am happy to learn with you on this course. Looking forward to hearing more from you in the subsequent weeks. Let's share our rich experiences together.

  • I like the short meditations. it helps me focus than the long ones

  • I will be happy to learn more about how to be calm in stressful situations.

  • Thank You

  • Some bee keepers are bell ringers.

  • I want to learn to eat healthy to live healthy

  • I can see this approach used often in most of the projects we do in my organisation.

  • Looking forward to it

  • Hi , I'm Naa. I joined this course to learn more on digital skills

  • Very insightful course for me. I'm happy I went through this course.

  • Hello Eleanor
    Congrats for mobilising. Although you didnt achieve the ultimate goal, you were able to create that awarenesses. Just curious to know whether you sat back after to find out why you and your group didnt achieve the ultimate goal.