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  • Simplifying the process without having too many steps or stating irrelevant details is key. Attention to details is very important too.

  • Stefano is a young man in his late 20's who lives in Ireland, he is a tall and very fit athlete preparing for the London Marathon.
    At Asda supermarket, where he shops for groceries, and some fitness supply such as water bottles, and simple home fitness appliances, he is a valued customer.
    An online banner Ad will be created and shared on online and social...

  • Well said. It is important to use multiple digital marketing methods together in order to appeal to different demographics (age, sex, location, style, taste)

  • Email marketing is great for online courses such as Future learn courses. It prompts consumers to take immediate actions.

  • Measuring the effectiveness of your SEO enables you to understand your audience better, view what interests them and keep working on that content that interests them and tailor your ads towards that.

  • This helps with blogging too. Whenever there's new content, send a link to some other bloggers to post on their sites as well, this helps whenever anyone searches for related topics or subject matter. It pushes the blog up on the search engine.

  • Pay per click adverts are quite effective in providing the right information as most of them have been researched and can most times be trusted for relevant facts.

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  • It's okay to block a podium but not the presentation slides completely from your audience. The slides should be visible to your audience.

  • Very good vocal activity.

  • Rowan Atkinson has entertained and told several stories and conveyed humor in non verbal scenarios.
    Tom and Jerry cast has also entertained and conveyed humor in several non verbal scenarios.

  • This tips should help deliver a great presentation.

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  • Powerpoint, Canva are good tools for creating slides

  • This method is really cool. Not too much writing is needed for this.

  • The approach mentioned is very applicable. It is also advisable to have a mix of text, animation and actual human characters to convey what is being said. It is very important to understand the language you are communicating in and state your level of understanding if it's not excellent so as to be properly understood.

  • Having a good story to present gets the attention, retention and moves your audience to action.

  • They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull child.
    A lot of public primary/secondary (elementary/highschools) schools around here go on for hours with school work and do not have adequate playground area for their students neither do they have adequate extra curricular clubs and activities as govt has failed to put these in place.
    Creating sustainable...

  • That was quite a good way to go about the presentation. However, i think her suggestion to them works better for the start up demo. Presenting a succesful project can be stretched to maybe four to five intentions.

  • Totally. A solution has been created to solve a problem answering the basic questions of what, why, for whom, where how?

  • The future of car racing with the invention of electric cars.

  • Nelson Mandela spoke a lot about freedom, independence and the need for people to wake up and fight for their rights of expression. Martin Luther King also fought against restitution and a need for more people to express freedom.

  • The Hero’s Journey is used in many life saving tales where there is a super hero or a villain.
    The Three-Act structure is mostly used in dramas and some thrillers.
    Pixar storytelling like in toy story, cars, emoji story.
    Sparklines storytelling is mostly employed in historical and cultural stories.
    They are all very great and if used properly tell stories...

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  • Very nicely worded. Historical stories are essential to understand why things are the way they are and what can be done differently or continued to enhance living.

  • Very aptly said.

  • Proper drainage system can prevent flooding.

  • It's good to see the resilient actions being taken.
    Creating walls, proper channeling and flow of resources and waste.
    There are areas of the world experiencing high sea levels while some others are experiencing dried lakes and seas (Lake Chad is a good example)
    Is it possible to channel resources in a way that balances the ecosystem and avoid hurricanes...

  • Fantastic! I like the idea of electric cars but how energy efficient are they?

  • More bungalow type buildings with spacious rooms for proper ventilation can be encouraged.

  • Sad to hear that fish populations are in decline as fish happen to be one of the animal species that are able to abundantly multiply very quick if properly bred so farmers need to do more to put back what is harvested by making sure that they breed more and more fish from time to time.

  • Encouraging individuals and families with the space for it to have private fish ponds by equipping them with training to breed fish within communities lessens the ocean activity of catching fish.

  • Bleaching is mostly as a result of harsh chemical from spillage into oceans.
    She can get permission to plant sea weed and mangrove trees that support the growth of corals. Also, limit the activity on the sea by encouraging tourists to take photos and videos while staying away from the coral reef areas...

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  • She should work on being heard during future team meetings even if it means holding up a placard with her idea or question boldly written out. She can also email the team stating the need for everyone to be given a chance to speak and not interrupting one another during meetings.

  • Hi Cameron, the digestive tract of fish is usually taken out before the fish is cooked into a delicious, finger licking, meal. Mussels and the way they're set up seem to have ways of rejecting such through their shell.
    If it is micro plastics, i'ld assume that it does not harm sea animals(oil spillage will harm them quicker)...however, larger pieces of...

  • Well said and noted.

  • This has been interesting and insightful. Thank you.

  • 1. 5 (Knowledge of the tech project, research your audience to understand how best to communicate)
    2. 5 (understand the design he worked on, making sure he had adequate prior information so you can better explain the lapses and where he could have interpreted the information given to prepare a better design)
    3. 5 (identify the team members and their...

  • Asking relevant/thorough questions on a one on one basis or during team meetings can be a good way to improve communication generally as these stir up good conversation.

  • Asking for a pay raise is better done via email, stating your input to the company and overall contribution. If it turns out that there is no response to your email, then a meeting with your manager can be scheduled.

    Also reaching out to employers or managers you seek to employ your talents through direct messages on those platforms mostly go unnoticed....

  • Communicating the app launch to the company will take a formal approach that includes visuals showing them how to create portals on the app and upload content as the facilitators, marketers, and account officers.
    Communicating the app launch to clients/students will take a semi formal approach that includes visuals describing the app content, and how to...