Bob Fox

Bob Fox

Professor, PVCE Portfiolio, UNSW. Concurrent appointment Professor of Innovation in HE (Adj), School of Education, UNSW. Awarded University Teaching Fellow, HKU.

Location Sydney, Australia


  • Churchill, 2017 ‘Digital resources for learning”, Singapore; Springer, (pages x-xi), focusses on this issue Curriculum models solely based on Bloom’s taxonomy do not cater for the complexities in a digital age. He proposes a curriculum model around 3 dimensions, namely:
    • “Knowledge content dimension—... in...

  • Bob Fox made a comment

    Hi all, welcome to the course!
    I've been involved in education for more than 30 years, mostly in higher education, but have also taught in further education and in the schools sector. I learnt a lot about teaching in Primary Schools!
    May I wish you all a great experience in the course and I look forward to seeing you all successfully completing this course...