Mireille Finnegan

Mireille Finnegan

I have been guiding in Ireland and Scotland for the last 10 years. I am particularly interested in Arts and Paintings.
specialized in French speaking tours .

Location Dublin


  • i did not know that. interesting

  • same for me. my oldest raincoat is over 40 years old and i still use it regularly. i like to wear clothes which belonged to someone else as a reminder of the Friends and family. i hate getting rid of my clothes even when they are threadbare. i used to donate the good ones to charity shops in Ireland but I am back to France and it's seems to be more difficult...

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    it's only fake news! how dare they!

  • the snakes decoration on Urnes´ portal are part of the base of the tree of life and is as well a symbol of eternity in the Christian religion as the mathematical 8 symbol of infinity. You can find them in most Celtic crosses.

  • where Christianism find its best anchorage is where it has respected the Ancient Gods and Traditions.
    In the carvings of the Stave churches , you can find designs of the traditional tree of life , as we can find them in the Book of Kells.
    That´s why I love these churches as a proof of continuity and universality.

  • These "simple" stave churches were not so simple as they were carved. The first version of the Irish oratories were much more simple, rough wood , no carving. During the penal laws, XVIIIe century, some wooden structures were built on a chariot to be able to deplace them.

  • Just a question, please.
    In Ireland the very first churches had only one room, then two from XI century, and then bigger and bigger.
    Are the "Simple" Stave Churches from an earlier period than the other types?

  • Were you familiar with Stave Churches before taking this course? YES
    How do the Stave Churches and their construction compare to structures in your country? STAVE CHURCHES ARE MORE BEAUTIFULLY CARVED

  • Pity about the destruction , they are such beautiful buildings . real Art pieces.

  • Thank you for the documents

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    Hi . I am French but live mainly in Ireland and been working as a Tourist Guide for the last ten years. As part of the extension of my work in Ireland and Scotland , I went on a trip to Norway to visit the Viking culture and had the chance to admire these Stave churches. Really fascinating and worth conservating them. Thanks. Mireille

  • Art impacts us in every way, It leaves a long lasting effect which could induce us to react responsibly later on. It makes you think twice about our own behaviour. Thank you to all these Artists who feel involved in this world.

  • I am very sensitive to wood carving. living in a small appartment, my solution is to paint the structures I like, such as the Kelpies and Eriu Irish divinity carved out of a trunk.
    There are a lot of junk structures you can enjoy like the fish in the Botanic garden in Belfast showing the dammage of litter on the environment

  • A lot of ephemeral art conveys a strong message. it's a pity it desappears in a short time. But luckily we have some photographs to remember them.
    Would not have been possible to find a technical way of preserving Reitzenstein’s hanging tree?
    I love street art as it is a reflexion of our actual world.

  • Barbara Hepworth... but I have no money

  • I like one of the Moma criteria: Necessity. Here is the ultimate litmus test: if this object had never been designed and produced, would the world miss it, even just a bit? As disarming as this question might seem, it really works. Try it at home.
    Most criteria are completly subjective, so that's may be why a consultation of future viewers should be done

  • Those types of outdoor carving sculptures are amongst my favorites.
    Art in parks is certainly the best place to communicate with the viewer and much more democratic than museum

  • When you spend a few years pasing by a sculpture that you don´t like , it´s not very uplifting. So yes, they should be part of the decision panel

  • I like Barbara Hepworth's work for their smoothness

  • Fresian cows are acquirring a bad reputation of polluting the planet, at the moment... it's true that planted on its four legs , it looks a bit defiant... if you are vegetarian, it could look even provocative. If it was standing in front of the ministery of Agriculture in France, ther is no doubt it would be vandalised.
    So yes, the environment where a...

  • Necessity of creation comes first. When you start practising your art, you can feel the need to enter a school to perfect your technic. The school can't make you an artist, in my opinion. you are born an artist who needs to practise and may be be guided to attain the summit of your art.
    What is interesting with school is that it broaden your knowledge and...

  • It's kind of funny to think how much Modern Artists can be connected to Nature when their art is so abstract.
    the name Dryad is meaningful of the importance of our connection with Nature. In our environmental and green politics era, these sculptures are even more actuals.
    Sculpture Art History should be part of standard education, so everyone could...

  • Very interesting and moving documentary. his son´s commitment to preserve his work for posterity, so much could be lost. I hope there is a museum/park dedicated to him??

  • Barbara Hepworth´s sculptures are fantastic. I love the scuñpture parks because you can touch the sculptures and interacting with them is very important. Hepworth´s sculptures are inspired by the localities where she lived but for each viewer it could represent any other similar places. the connection with the sea and the erosion effect of waves and wind is...

  • Looking at this structure, I first saw a reclining chair. Very inviting. I would have probably walk towards it with the intention of resting on it.
    In Dublin, in the courtyard of the Education Department there is a sculpture representing an hand and the Artist said that in fact this piece is not complete as long as a child is not sitting in it. The hand is a...

  • Nowadays, we can see a lot of wooden carved sculptures along the roads and streets. I think that we are back to figurative sculpture with a modern message about environment and Nature. We still have a mid abstract approach but I think the abstract art has matured.
    about feminism, I think that a piece of art has to be considered by itself, the fact that the...

  • For me, Modern Art is when the Artist express himself through his work. it´s not a simple picture of reality . it express a feeling or make you think about your environment. Like the structure in front of a building which reflects the passers-by and the light, the structure becomes alive. Modern Art started at the beginning of the XX century more or less....

  • @MaddieBoden De Stijl is not uk nor usa, so...

  • @MaddieBoden agreed. Thanks a lot for this first week. the extra links were really great.

  • @LindaMatthews Nice jelly Babies,Thank you.
    in which material were they made?

  • I thought these tunnels were a genious idea. Piercing those holes to reflect a constellation and let Nature and Light to animate these concrete tunnels was a "brillant" idea.
    Thank you for making us discover these talented Artists.

  • The sculpture i chose was " The Kiss" by Rowan Gillespie.1990.
    It was commissionned by the Architect of the buildings where it stands.
    it's a free standing sculpture of a couple about to kiss, the shapes are sugestive and modern, they are about 2 meters high on a plinth at the corner of Earlsfort terrace, nearby the National Concert Hall and in front of...

  • The singing stone reminds me of one of my favorite sculpture in Drumcliffe, county Sligo, Ireland.
    W.B.Yeats tomb is very simple, too simple compared to the personage.So, just outside the graveyard, there is a nice statue of him with one of his poem carved on the ground.

  • What fascinates me is the way one Artist evolves along his life. I would choose one artist and choose works from different periods of his life, showing how he works, prepares his master piece and the final works.
    My personal collection of paintings is mostly from people I know which me remind of the person and the moments we shared., or depicting places with...

  • 1.) Architecturally - How do the buildings style and appearance relate to the changes going on in higher education?
    This modern approach was very efficient . I don't understand why it's not apply to social or standard housing?
    I am 66, but I love everything modern. my interior is very modern, minimalist and mainly white.
    the modern aspect of the buildings...

  • in Dublin, in Temple Bar Quarter , there is a sky map of the Viking period on a wall, in this concrete material...very nicely done, but unfortunately most people won't see it unlesss a Guide has stopped in front of it and then other passers-by would have a quick look at it.

  • This type of campus encourages the feeling of belonging. That´s why a frequent question is " where did you study?" the sense of fellowship is fundamental and you will be keep a special link to your fellow students all your life...hopefully.

  • For the last two years. I have started painting, which brings me a good deal of relaxation.
    And because of it. Every time I go for a walk, I look at trees and leaves as if I am going to paint them. Because of painting, I am paying more attention to details.
    First time i went to a Art class, I told my husband I was going to a relaxation session...and it's...

  • colors appear different according to the background
    music can be associated to colors
    our perception evolves with our needs

  • My last dream. I was in a train with my husband. Our station arrived. The train stopped. My husband went off. By the time I had collected my stuff,.bag, coat, scarf.the door closed and I am left alone in the train.
    I often have this type of nightmares. I feel very unsecure, even if I have no reason for it.

  • Once I lost the perception of heat and cold.
    By acunpucture, you can change your perception of them.
    I was feeling very cold and it was 30Celsius outside.
    I knew that my perception was wrong. I got it corrected.
    But for a few months, may be a year and never knew if my perceptions were correct.

  • It's 6.47am. I am in my bed reading this course.
    My ears are ringing.
    I can see my paintings, and they are reassuring, they are bright...no sign of mental illness... probably,my problem is not depression but boredom.
    I suppose it's easy to mix both??
    Like every morning. The question is,:what's the plan for Today?
    I am going to pilates class at 9.30 , but...

  • For me it's feeling alone and I start not to join any group because I am feeling that nobody minds if I am there or not.
    But I thought that this were only the premises of a depression...not the depression itself???

  • I hope that the Irish Government will try again to better communicate about water management and put in place water meters for everyone in order to spot the waste of water

  • Apparently in Ireland we consume an average of 100liters per person. But only 50% of the households have a watermeter. I don't have any, so I have no idea.

  • I am surprised at one particular figure: the shower using more than a bath.
    I thought the opposite and I tested it myself. At the end of my shower, the bath tub was filled only at a third of it. It's true that I don't spend 10 mn, may be 5mn only. Try it yourself!

  • I thought I would do better. with WWF i got 141. But for example , though living in Ireland , I don't use any heating as I have a south facing apartment and my neighbours warm the building enough for me.

  • Getting old, books are more difficult to read. I need proper lighting and it's not always the case. So, I more and more rely on my phone or my computer for reading, and as i travel a lot, ebooks are much lighter to carry...

  • Asthma in Ireland
    470,000 Irish people have asthma, including one in five children
    One Irish person dies every week as a result of their asthma – of these deaths, 90% are preventable
    Uncontrolled asthma is dangerous – every 26 minutes someone in Ireland visits an Emergency Department with asthma
    Asthma costs the state over €500 million per annum

  • As a frequent traveler, I think that travelling has to be blame for climate change.
    the spread of infections is increased by the migration of birds but by travelers themselves. if you consider people who live in the countryside in Europe, cultivate their own vegetable garden, collect rain water to irrigate their plants, don't travel much and have a healthy...

  • I think that most of the time when it's not extreme pollution, you won't see it directly; and that's the main challenge. Along the sea, sewage are going straight in. It's a clear fact, but nobody seems to care

  • @GillianMisstear Hi Gillian, at least you have a water meter. I am in Castleknock and I don't have any meter, so I could not tell how much water I spend. But I am a bad pupil as I buy food imported from Kenya. I should try to use only local products, which could be a bit limited.

  • As a tour guide, I can see that people are more interested in History and places if they can link it to a film or a serie.

  • Hi. what amazes me is that every body knows about climate change, but around me I think 90% don't care.
    People behavior is very selfish and unless this has a direct impact to their life, they are not ready to do anything to stop this global warming.
    More and more people become vegan but I am not convinced that's to reduce the impact of cattle pollution.

  • Absolutely

  • I feel quite good. we have only one car for two. I walk most of the time or take public transport. I had not thought about the implication of fashion and new clothes on climate change. So now i feel better wearing old comfortable clothes that I have been keeping and using for over 20 years. in Ireland we have a lot of charity shops with items pre-loved as we...

  • In fact, the minister joan Burton, had to resign.
    Irish people still their water free. We don't have any water meters.

  • all aspects are important.
    water quality is probably the main concern in Ireland

  • Unfortunately, there is a big difference between what Countries have agreed to do and what they have achieved.
    Ireland is a very bad example. Mainly because the landscape looks so healthy that most of us don't feel really concerned.
    Ireland is a very temperate country , so for example Heat wave is something completely foreign here.

  • Hi Philip.
    No there is no water cut off. It's even worse. Because there were a lot of protests and one Minister had been even molested, those like me have been reimbursed of what we had paid..
    We still don't pay a cent.
    Have a nice shower! :-)

  • Hi. I am a tourist guide in Ireland and Scotland. Two beautiful and relatively well preserved countries. But for how long. I talk a lot about nature and our relationship with it. How it has changed so much in the last 2000 years. How can we go back to a closer life with Nature. I walk and have a kind of holistic approach. But it's difficult to make other...

  • In Ireland, the government has tried to create a tax on water to try to improve the infrastructure and improve the distribution avoiding too much spillage.
    People have refused to pay the water charges.
    I personally think it's a scandal because they don't care about water.
    If you pay for what you're using at least you are a bit more careful.
    These billions...

  • Long term efficient policies are difficult to maintain as there are too many human beings on the planet with greater needs, which implies more cattle(for example) creating more pollution...
    Why China abandoned the one child policy? Is it because other countries did not do the same? Supremacy and greed are leading the world.
    How can we change this?