Robert Lukesch

Robert Lukesch

Robert Lukesch, associate of the ÖAR GmbH; I am consultant and researcher focusing on inclusive and sustainable governance with a strong focus on Community-Led Local Development

Location Austria


  • Yes, there is a century-old battle between efficiency (productivity) on one side and redundancy (diversity) on the other. capitalism is clearly on the efficiency side, but that always comes along with a price. the smart point lies there where their combined value is highest, not just one or the other.

  • (in addition to the previous post)
    …..and together they (this multitude of partial policies) are strong!
    meaning, that these customized social innovation policies could be interlinked at a meta-level, in the background where intra- and interinstitutional learning takes place - or should take place.

  • Yes, there is an urban bias. but if we address rural areas within a rural development policy, we should by definition have a particular focus on the rural conditions. The idea of a general 'social innovation policy' is hard to imagine. It should be rather embedded into sectoral and structural policies which are, each of them, addressing specific socio-economic...

  • Excellent point! There will be in the near future, I'm sure, a kind of new professional profile around SII mentoring, something like an innovation scout, agent, mentor, animator…..