Faye Taylor

Faye Taylor

Faye is an Online Learning Consultant for Higher Education. She creates and delivers online courses across a variety of institutions on the themes of Ethics, Responsibility, Leadership and Values.

Location Nottingham, England



  • Hi Joy, please feel free to use any of the skills guidance and searching principles provided in the introductory section of this course to help you find open access material more easily on the web, should you wish to explore further. There are a lot of open access skills based support resources on the NTU website - https://www.ntu.ac.uk/m/skills-for-success....

  • Really glad to hear that Sara! Thanks for joining!

  • Yes agree, the "if not regulated" is incredibly important...

  • It is our pleasure Frank! So good to see you here :-)

  • Hopefully that can change soon Debra :-) Yes that is what I love so much about online learning, it brings people together from such geographically dispersed locations!

  • Yes Debra - take a look at this resource for more information - https://alastairhumphreys.com/microadventures-3/

  • Hi Alexandra, welcome to the course! Where is it you live?

  • Thank you for the feedback Debra. At NBS we believe that if people are to engage meaningfully then they need the tools and knowledge to be able to do so :-)

  • Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera. Nama saya Faye Taylor, saya dari England.

  • Faye Taylor made a comment

    Hello, I'm Faye
    Where are you in the world? - Nottingham, England
    What context do you teach in? (eg your subject specialism, the age/level of your students, whether you teach one-to-one or groups) - Postgraduate Business
    Looking forward to learning with you all during these crazy times!

  • Interestingly, my own institution appears to have a social media policy for students but not one for staff, or at least it is not very visible and is not ever something that is brought to our attention! Looking at the policies of other Universities, it appears they recognise the value in staff engaging with social media for all of the reasons highlighted in...

  • To what extent is the informal 'community presence' provided by online MBA cohort WhatsApp groups an effective peer to peer support mechanism?

  • Which article do you think is the most persuasive, and why? Masterman's - it is based upon structured empirical evidence whereas Gelm's is purely just her opinion based upon her experiences.

    Is there anything obviously missing from either article? You may find it useful to think back to the discussion of evaluating research reports in the previous step. -...

  • 1) The problem with guidelines is that they are, just that, guidelines and so one can elect what to adopt or not, which may lead to inconsistencies in adoption. However, it is useful to have some guidance to create awareness essential of what is needed and how these needs can be best served.

    2) I would say primarily the instructional designer. But it is...

  • As an instructor I was excluded from online learning through technical failure associated with the tool Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, through the LMS Blackboard. I would schedule Collaborate sessions within my modules but Collaborate Ultra was particularly temperamental and more often than not, I would not be able to gain access to my own learning session!!!...

  • Phew! That took a lot of editing to keep within 1200 characters !

  • Name: Lucy
    Gender: Female
    Age: 38
    Lives in Nottingham, England with her boyfriend and 3 cats, Likes travelling, eating out and yoga
    Has a degree in Fashion Marketing, a PGCE which she gained in 2004. 12 years of teaching experience within the FE and HE sectors.
    Programme leader for BA (Hons) in Fashion Marketing. A popular programme which attracts high...

  • The Online MBA for which I am programme leader is designed based upon a Community of Enquiry model. I find that this frames the course design well to ensure we give due care and consideration to the role of social, teaching and cognitive presence.

  • Has online education been education’s saviour?

    No, I wouldn't go as far as saying that. What it has provided is a fantastic opportunity for students to personalise their learning via a study mode that is flexible and may suit a different set of needs to the traditional on campus learner.

    Does it offer more desirable choices?
    It offers more desirable...