Amer Gaffar

Amer  Gaffar

Amer is Director of the Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University he has a career spanning over 20 years in the clean growth sector and loves Manchester United

Location Greater Manchester


  • Hi Claire,

    Wind curtailment costs a substantial amount of money each year, the answer is ramping up the investment in storage whether its battery or hydrogen. There are a few reasons why turbines within a wind farm may need to be shut down to mitigate issues associated with turbine loading, export to the grid. In any case curtailment is an issue that needs...

  • There are many countries in the world developing hydrogen and fuel cell strategies and equally funding that could support an array of projects. If you want to have a chat about anything specific please email me and I'll be able to advise better. Email is

  • again some fantastic ideas to make a real difference

  • I'm really loving some of the ideas you are all looking to implement now, this is amazing . A few simple additions as simple as sharing the knowledge to influence behaviour change in others is perfect.

  • Hi Violaine,
    completely agree with the sentiment and we should lead by example. We are working with GMCA and a number of other organisations. We are in the process of finalising a hydrogen and fuel cell strategy for the region. I am also working with BEIS on the hydrogen advisory council, the intention is for a UK hydrogen strategy to be implemented. One of...

  • Completely agree Katie, for the hydrogen economy we developed a bank of resources for schools, colleges and teachers which assist with learning about the topic across 11 different topic areas. We worked with partners across many other countries to develop this. Take a look at

  • Absolutely David, completely agree public engagement is one of the most important areas we all have to address.

  • Hi Charlie, one of the things we are very likely to see is a national hydrogen and fuel cell strategy for the UK this is similar across many countries globally now and these strategies are underpinned by funding commitments. Any national strategy should be underpinned by a local/regional one which will highlight our intention in our cities. Greater Manchester...

  • Thanks David, that sounds fantastic and I wish you the best of luck. The buildings challenge group within GMCA are delivering some great things which will influence the construction sector in the coming years. Personally I feel skills and the way we develop people is the strongest asset we have in the fight against climate change. This also presents one of...

  • Leanne, that's fantastic. The planning process is a key one and if we are moving towards ultra low emission modes of transport these come with the associated infrastructure challenges and considering these changes and requirements at planning stage is key to accelerating the necessary changes.

  • Yankuba, there's certainly a lot of opportunities that will be developed by clean growth and not just because of the governments 10-point plan which is targeting 250,000 new green jobs. Many of us involved in the sector already recognise the importance of multi disciplinary skills to create this growth. Keep an eye on the industrial projects being delivered...