Mariana Nichifor

Mariana Nichifor

Sustainability is not an option, it is a responsible and well thought out choice.
My name is Mariana Nichifor, I am a sustainable leader and a fashion blogger from Moscow.Follow me on @mariana_nichifor

Location Russia, Moscow


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    My name is Mariana Nichifor (@mariana_nichifor), I'm from Moscow. I'm so happy to learn this course because I write about sustainability and about sustainable concepts every day on my blog/Instagram page.

  • I think people like more and more sustainable and responsible brands. It is a natural way through which all concepts will pass.

  • My name is Mariana Nichifor, I live in Moscow and I write about sustainable fashion. I am very happy to learn this course.

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  • I think so, but it's never too late to learn how to be a good entrepreneur. I am a born entrepreneur, I really like entrepreneurship and the fact that I can work for my dream, but not for a company.

  • I'm Mariana Nichifor, I live in Moscow and I'm a fashion blogger. I write about sustainable fashion and sustainable concepts and I am very interested in creativity and how I can use it.

  • I'm Mariana Nichifor, I live in Moscow and I'm a fashion blogger. I write about sustainable fashion and sustainable concepts and I am very interested in the topic of writing.

  • I am Mariana from Moscow, I am a fashion blogger and a sustainable leader interested in all aspects of fashion.

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    It's so good!

  • I thought it was less time, but people are looking for answers and solutions to everything on the internet.

  • I am Mariana Nichifor, I am a leader of sustainable fashion in Russia. I am also creating a brand of eco-friendly bags.

  • I think we must start from the raw material that we use or use our supply chains and the impact it has on the environment or the process of creating and preparing it.

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    I am for vegetable leather made from natural materials. I think the bark of the tree, the vegetable skin from the tomatoes and the cork are one of the best choice.

  • All are very important, however, I believe that modern slavery greatly influences them all. Because of poverty, people do not think much about the welfare of the planet, but only how to feed and dress their own children.

  • I am scared of the fact that we consume today, I think that in Russia, in fact it is consumed even more. There is still no clear sorting of waste, people throw all the garbage in a pile, including clothes with plastic and glass. And buy clothes again.

  • We chose the Social Agenda and the Ecological Agenda. Once I started working with fashion brands and writing about them, I understand that legality is in the production process and how many natural resources are used in creating a pair of jeans, for example. Being from Russia, I understood how much consumerism exists here and the passion for low prices, the...

  • I think the Social Agenda and the Economic Agenda are some of the most important, especially in Russia, with excessive consumerism, people want to buy as much as possible at low prices. The existence of very low prices is explained by slavery in the process of production, unfairness and non-transparency. This also exists on the territory of the state, not...

  • I value nature, people, family and quality time spent with them.

  • It is very important, because I work in the field of fashion, and this is one of the most important factors of pollution.

  • Hello from Moscow!

  • Hi,
    I am Mariana Nichifor, a businesswoman and Sustainable leader, I write on my blog about sustainable ideas and concepts, and this course would greatly help me to deepen my knowledge in this field and help other brands to create fashion products with really sustainable.

  • Having a sustainable fashion blog and promoting responsible fashion concepts, this course will be very important to me. I really like this introduction. Sustainability is not an option, but a choice that can make our lives better by protecting the resources of the planet and for future generations. Finding sustainable solutions in fashion is very important as...