Charlie Ann Page

Charlie Ann Page

Charlie Ann Page is a freelance... everything. She's a game developer, teacher, educational designer, AI researcher, and game tournament official.

Location Bath, UK


  • Hi José,

    They'll both work. There's a discussion of the difference here:


  • Do you mean that the website loaded a bit slowly on MIMIC? That's probably to be expected because MIMIC itself has some background processing/rendering to do before it sends back the new page to you.

  • Oh that's really great! I haven't heard of that one in particular, I'll check it out.

  • The errors should be available at the bottom of your screen in/around the console pane?

    But also, if the errors don't stop you from running your game in Play mode, it's likely fine. Sometimes you get errors for i.e. internet related reasons that don't impact anything.

  • Hi Mark! It might be that you've chosen a name that's already in use? Other than that, make sure your username is long enough and doesnt have any special characters in it

  • I completely get that, it's not a problem! It is still, to some degree, extractive. It can really depend on your particular play style, but your play style has a meaningful impact on the world.

    To garden in general is to sculpt the world to our whims - it's a matter of degrees I suppose. I tend to keep my garden fairly wild except a few plots of vegetables,...

  • Hi Ariane! Can you share the line of code this is referring to?

  • Can you share the errors? Was it the debug log thing above?

  • So an interesting contrast to the very extractive survival games is the genre of "gardening games", I find.

    Stardew Valley comes to mind in particular - particularly as it gives you the choice whether you want to play the hyper-extractive capitalist route or the more natural route - and allows you to mix and match elements from both and demonstrates the...

  • @BrianSheehan Hi Brian! You can do it either way - arguably it's "cleaner" to separate the two blocks.

    Programming in general has a concept called "seperation of concerns" where you try to make sure that each section of a program has one and only one thing it's dealing with.

  • Hi Arthur! Can you try another web browser? And also give full details of what happens, when, and what you've tried, to

  • Does the star appear in the list of objects at all?

  • Hi Moses! Unfortunately Unity only works on laptop/desktop computers. If you don't have access to a laptop/desktop computer, there are still things you can get out of the course (such as the "what is a game?" materials), but unfortunately essentially all game development tools are laptop/desktop only.

  • You don't need any of the additional modules, but it won't hurt to have them. Is up to you as to whether or not you feel you'll need to build your game for those platforms.

  • Hi Karima! "FromScratch" is just what I called the scene, if you make a new scene (as Rafael says above), you'll get a brand new scene to work on - and that's all you need.

  • I tend to find you learn by doing with things like this! Luckily the exercise after this is a practical Unity exercise, so you can follow along and you'll get it in no time.

  • Do you get any particular error? Does it say anything?

  • Hi Nathan! What's the problem?

  • huh, that's really interesting! That's not really a feeling I've had playing it at all, but I can absolutely see why you would - and perhaps that was even an intended effect? I'm thinking in particular the storylines involving affairs.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Hiya Josu! Yes, indeed, you may have to slice up the sprite sheet yourself. In recording Unity did it for us, which means it unfortunately got left out! You can slice it yourself using Sprite Editor > Slice - and the videos provided seem good!

    Regarding the size of the box collider: I had previously noted the size of the sprite and made the box collider...

  • I casually keep up with chess myself! Have you seen this?

    Basically, people have been discussing how the game changes when you remove castling - and using AlphaZero to do it. Is worth checking out, in my opinion!

  • Did this manage to resolve itself? It shouldn't take too long, usually - although it'll depend mostly on your internet connection.

  • Hi Dion! What we're doing with these four elements of play is creating a _model_ with a particular purpose. When we're making a model, we decide what details we keep in and what we leave out based on what's useful for us.

    When we're considering Noughts and Crosses as a game, it's useful to assume that Os and Xs are symbols that we understand. If we were...