Indrajeet Kumar

Indrajeet Kumar

I am a PhD Candidate in Economics at the Centre for Development Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India.

Location India



  • Knowing the students is the first step towards online teaching. Knowing in as much aspect as possible.

  • Discussing teaching with your peer colleague is of huge help in know teaching experience from each other and sharing the common and finding solution of some.
    The best practice is to look for a critical friend, which is difficult some times or to search and difficult some times to get critical friendly feedbacks as well.

  • Since I have not taught online until now, my experience is not worthy to share however, I am preparing through this course to teach effectively if I need.

  • A meaningful assessment is based on the experience with the task which is suitable to be performed by an average student.

    The feed back or suggestions are like an on going process of improvement, which should happen often, at times weekly or daily so that no much time or effort could be lost in the long run.

  • Being indoor with uncertain world today put me on unnecessary fear and anxiety about the future. That is affecting my concentration and time management for this course.

    In the same shoes, I can imagine how difficult it is for the students to learn online at this pressing time when they are living in constant fear of performing and at the same time their...

  • This course taught me to adjust with the changing times and one of that is to learn how to teach online effectively. The major take away from the course is to be sensitive about students overall capability as an online participant and how to improve it further by letting us know more about technology and teaching pedagogy.

    The checklist of effective online...

  • The week is informative and skill-building for teachers and potential teachers.
    Knowing the capabilities in learning and available resources it the fist step towards steps to online learning.

  • Involving students in identifying a topic, focus, or output approach or technique promotes creativity. For engagement and motivation, always
    Give ample space and time to increase engagement and motivation.

  • Out of the three choices: 1) Design to Support, 2) Design to Challenge, and 3) Design to Offer choice; the third, design to offer choice is most appropriate for having an equal level playing field given the differential skills and requirements of the students at their hands at this pressing time.

    The ultimate objective of learning is to know the inner...

  • Instead of one type of learning type, a combination or to say a balanced combination of a few would be helpful for students given the requirements of the subject and students needs and requirements. Also, the type of leaning depends on the available resource to the teacher and the students have with leas effort, cost, and convenience.

    The production,...

  • Interaction with students requires to be online while students genrally feel shy to share thier problems online, its easy to say them to contct indivually.

  • In online learning, students have to interact with other fellows students on video or audio. while doing this, some students do not feel comfortable, especially sharing the videos of their home and homely activities.

    In India where social and economic inequality is caste and community based, we as a teacher must take extra care of the situations. Students...

  • I feel that it is time to be (a) engage your self with some activities like learning or teaching, and (b) being realistic of the goals based on the extraordinary situation we all are facing. You can watch movies with positive thoughts and feelings, some motivational speeches, and love your child or spouse and say the love and affection you both share for...

  • Technology, Motivation, and Team-work

  • As right now I am not teaching as such, the following questions are helpful o know and evaluate the teaching outcomes.

    I think the best way to engage students is to give group activities using what's up or google form. this will encourage students to interact with other students and help in their psychological well being at this pressing time when all are...

  • Which is the most secure and uswr friendly social networking app or site to engage with stduents for an online learning?

  • Dear Team Members,

    I from India, pursuing a PhD in Economics, I am not teaching as of now, but expect to in the near future at a college or university level. So I am getting ready for the new challenges due to COVID-19. As most of the students in India face difficulties in ICT resources its challenge to conduct online course here. But, the time may require...

  • I am pursuing a PhD in Economics in India and expected to be a teacher at a college or university in future. This moment, when the world, and academia, in particular, is facing a challenge to cope with the new virus, teaching online is the need of the hour and time ahead. Thus, I am participating in the course.

    India, where Information and Communication...

  • Sure, this is the problem of the world and every country.

  • I want to learn the nature and causes of COVID-19 infection in India. I wish to analyse Indian data on COVID through the system thinking and complexity.

  • Thanks for the comments!

  • Thanks for the encouragement and valuable advice. I am comfortable in previewing book and a chapter; however, to review text is a first for me. Moreover, I am trying to grasp the skill gradually.

    Thanks for this course, as the course has life-changing skills to learn.

  • Absolutely, I find the article resembles me.

  • Hard to do.

  • Yes, I used to preview, however, the video gives me confidence. Systematic preview is new and revision, Previewing is helpful in making a plan what to read and gives and structure.

  • My conclusion is: I do feel like the three essential 1. to organise study environment, 2. to decide how long I am going to study, and 3. to decide what I am going to study, will be an effective way for my study way ahead.

    In fact, I need to improve in tall the three. In the coming days I am going to give much attention to these aspects.

  • I start my day by recalling what has left and begin from there. Moreover, it is very important for me to have all the stationaries with me like pen, paper, lappy, and water bottle with me to begin with. Moreover, I not a person to stretch myself more than an hour in one go. I have frequet freaks and thus, stretch my body take water and get back to study.

  • I am from India doing a PhD in Economics and joined this course to learn effective way of studying for my research. I am born and brought up in India.

  • I am a PhD student and wish to teach other students in this crisis, so have joined this course. Moreover, the challenges of online teaching are country and region-specific and some times student's specific as well. However, my objective is to help the students as much as possible. In India, internet access is still low in far lung rural areas and with limited...

  • I am a PhD candidate in Economics from India.

  • The information from nature is more reliable to statrt with to form any claim.

  • Both primary and secondary sources are important for my work. I expect to go primary sources if available through secondary.

  • The interesting and useful aspect of the wee is the searching techniques and I find more confident searching for a project.

  • Sure, I am going to include. Thanks!

  • Yes, I have used, now I am more confident. Tese techniques are quite powerful in the early stages of PhD research.

  • Great! No other words but Great!

  • It is really a difficult task to learn where from a research start from. However, generally I would first from google search.

  • Indrajeet Kumar made a comment

    I am a PhD candidate in Economics, and it is essential to know an efficient way to do online research, so this course.

  • I am a PhD student in Economics in India.

  • Peer reviewing is like an active process of knowing what I am and what others look like, and learn through.
    Feedbacks are subjective in nature, so let it open for the reviewer with minimal objective comments.

  • The simplest problem is the price of each item in the menu, Aisha can target those customers who are frequently buying some items given their income. This will allow the consumption behaviour of the customers based on their income status. However, the hardest problem is delivery time, which may not be in control of the Aisha, this could be external factors.

  • Business experiments give evidence based pilicy opportunities.