Emil Dauncey

Emil Dauncey

Lecturer in Global Development at the Open University: Educator, Researcher, Analyst, Advisor, and MOOC maker.

Location London, United Kingdom


  • My name is Emil, I am a Lecturer in International Development at the Open University. I am hoping that this course will introduce me to some new ideas and help me reflect on my teaching so far.

  • Good point @PhilipMorgan. Thanks for your comment. A challenge we might encounter here is how needs are defined and by who and which needs we ought to prioritise.

  • Welcome to Week 2 of the course. I hope you enjoyed last week. I'll be here with you this week where we'll be introducing you to the project cycle and thinking about stakeholders - the various people involved in a project or intervention. What are you looking forward to learning about this week?

  • Hi there! I'm excited you've decided to join us for this course. I'll be facilitating week 2. I'm a Lecturer in International Development at the Open University with an interest in gender analysis, and youth engagement particularly areas of health and livelihoods. I have lived and worked in a range of countries from Somalia to Nigeria, Argentina to the UK. I...

  • Hi my name’s Emil. I am a lecturer in International Development at the Open University but I have also worked on development projects around the globe. In both these roles I have found myself ‘managing projects’ but only recently begun to reflect on this as a specific set of skills that might be strengthened.

  • @HazelDennis @MónicaVargas a very important point! Something we explore in great detail in the postgraduate certificate.

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  • It's been great having you here with us on this course. I know I've learned a lot from your comments and contributions! This course is just a taster of some of the things we research, teach and learn about in the Department of Development Policy and Practice at the Open University. Do get in touch if you'd life to know more about what we do and how you might...

  • Do get in touch with us at the Open University if this is something you're interested in.

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  • Thanks for your comment. Logframes have been around for years, can be very helpful tools, but are not without their critiques. They seem to be declining in popularity amongst some of the larger organisations too. The question is how do we improve upon the logframe?

  • Precious - please talk to us at the Department of Development Policy and Practice at the Open University. Maybe we can help you achieve your goals!

  • YES!

  • or how might it be improved upon?

  • What do you think RBM might miss?

  • Sometimes crafting a neat and tidy narrative of what has been done and why takes precedence over understanding what has actually taken place and why.

  • Great comment! I think the unintended consequences are often downplayed.

  • Interesting answer. A lot to think about. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Good response. What do you mean by empowerment?

  • I feel the same way. However, some would argue that 'doing something' may sometimes be doing more harm than good.

  • Thanks Wade. Great comment. Trust is really important. How do we establish trust?

  • Good comment. What do you you mean by ongoing assessment?

  • Thanks for your comments Precious. So being accepted by the community is important for legitimacy?

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