Priya Pawar

Priya  Pawar

A mother with a work experience of 16 years, in the field of education. A Bachelor of Bri. English Literature, Master of World Civilization, a Diploma holder in HR & International Relations.

Location India


  • So far, an enlightening journey in the path of Social Media.

  • I would use to see the demographics of all visitors.

  • I might use T-Test to see the client's whereabouts and what all they access.

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    A new thing for me.

  • Thanks for making the download of the Social Feed Manager possible. Total 68 pages a big data and a mine of information.

  • I like Video by Matei, sir. I am not active on Twitter. But, I have made notes which I may use in future.

  • Yes, there is a bundle of time-saving tips I found in all the shared links. I will surely make use of the most suitable spreadsheets/template in my work and personal assignments.

  • This is a surprise for me. I used to say 'NO' to work if the client asks to work in Google spreadsheets. Thank you for sharing article of Hubspot.

  • I have used Google Analytics and Ubersuggest and Buzzsumo. I found it helpful and technically working.

    I would suggest Google Analytics.

  • Excellent article on Google-sheets. I was not aware of the features, and use is so simple. I will surely use them in my work-life

  • Great week so far. Too much learning. The feeling I am on the way of completing my years of graduation in DM.

  • Intel- tagline like

    "Intel inside," "Sponsors for tomorrow," "Look inside," and the most recently "Experience what's inside" is so much time specific.

    I am finding Intel as an excellent option to analyze because half of the world population is now the Intel population, I feel.

    The sources of data varied, but sales and feedback on the product surely...

  • I have started using Facebook and LinkedIn recently.

    Facebook- the genuineness of account holder as well as the truthfulness of opinion ( I am considering here, my friends on these platforms are just visitors or onlookers to my product and not the real-time buyer. But, new people may come to the side and buy things they find useful from my business...

  • I would love to see how visitors behave while searching the same product on different online platforms e.g. Clothing. Visitors look for 'brand', discount, sale, color, and such like.

    If similar customer after visiting several sites, every time buying from the same then why is he/she browsing other websites for the same product?

    My goals will be-
    1) to...

  • I think every product as a business person I introduce is for the public first and not for my personal use. It is only after 'Understanding my audience-buyers' I can have the rest of the things in the form of by-product.

  • Nice piece of the shared article. I will have no research plan initially. It is only after my audience and viewers questions I will start writing answers and material related to their questions. Which progressively will be my research plan.

  • Clothing, apparel, jewelry, food, language, digital marketing, skills to teach online, handicraft, fitness, yoga, and beauty are the everlasting businesses in the modern era. All of them have crowd browsing everywhere in the world. Latest fashions to the best deals...

  • Very useful link.

  • Social media for the product I work is beneficial because 1) I can understand the interest of the active crowd, 2) choice and budget by tracking what other products they are purchasing, 3) age of the crowd and plan program as per their requirement, 4) profession 5) lifestyle 6) timing of them being active on social media and 7) preferences.

  • I do not like to be active on social media because of it's lowering standards. I will prefer a working meditation class than being on social media. Yes, but Ubersuggest, Google console are some tools that are used by several to analyze and use for business intelligently.

  • Twitter is one of the best Social Media platform, but I see a lot of question-answer sessions to prove each other right and wrong than the actual topic. The use of a lot of SEO by writers just to get a position in Google search based on Twitter postings made it the dumping yard than a productive tool. I think.

  • My company is just four months old. We are working on trials as our product is 'language.'

  • Nope. This is new to me.

  • Most of the questions by me are answered. See also is the best source of BA information. Thank you.

  • Standard industrial size, font, spacing, and alignment. The positioning of Heading, subheading if any. Total word count-industrial standard. Use of SEO? Everything that will get me sure investment returns.

  • Survey done.

  • Yes, digital marketing assistant is a guide and a lamp to save the ship (business) successfully.

  • Wow...too much screen time.

  • Wow...too much screen time.

  • I do not know but I feel supermarkets offering 'Discount' or running 'Sale' during summer is one of the type of marketing only.

  • Right words, in front of the right crowd, in right time with the right emotions = successful digital marketing.

  • All articles and extra information under "see also" are the best material on DM and use of Social Media in operating business successfully. Thank you so much.

  • I would love to learn more about digital marketing.

  • Very new information for me. Looking forward to getting more on EM.

  • If you are into business, then you must have the right "digital footprints," which will help the best to advertise your product. For example, you shall mention the consistent and real information wherever you mention on social media.

  • I think to offer a place to write a blog, opinion, review or share comment which will go public is also one of the strategies of earned media. To interview seniors or experienced corporates and with permission to share on the business website. To tag well-wishers and such others in your products. I think a list is enormous. We have seen the success of earned...

  • Earned media is traditionally successful. Social media has a lot of fake than realistic products. I think earned media wins over social media. Social media at the initial stage itself is an Earned media.

  • I have seen arranging free live seminars, counseling sessions, courses, and competition as a part of earned media by organizations I worked with so far. And for me, these are very traditional and ideal methods. Recommendations are like- more techno-friendly, informative, and straight to the point makes is it impactful for the sincere crowd.

  • The discussion in the form of continuous reply on social media, which sometimes I found unworthy. Now I come to know retweeting tweets, is also one of the marketing strategies.

  • Hello, mentors, and educators. Hello friends, I am Priya Pawar from India. I work as a business developer and creative consultant at I look at this course as a helping manual in framing my business developing policies as well as targeting the right means to reach people, effectively.

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    I am new to this but being a student, I see language business is the one that has designed a skilled media approach. The clothing industry, Jewellery and Handicraft product, food is all the time rocking industry on Social media.

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    Looking forward.

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    I am doing several courses with Futurelearn. And every educator is expert of his field. Here I also feel Threesome Awesome...