Ousman Adam Ali Koulbou

Ousman  Adam Ali Koulbou

Location CHAD


  • John Cina must be fighter, on monday he might have fight

  • I forget my phone ; ı must have taken it at office . He can't/couldn't have gone to hospital today ! My classmate might/may could have been late .

  • She's stomach hurts she might have eaten chilli pepper

  • I dont know wchih department but he must be stuff at university.
    At this time he might been sleept

  • Verry clear

  • İ think both find eacch other at university and one of their friends in love Jenny and kinnaped her

  • I stretch my leg when paly football.

  • İ call my familly ever sundays they put call on speakerphone and everyone could hear me

  • My sisiter she was sensible girl she work all night .

  • My routine is to came to work everyday .

  • İ ignored all stress.

  • My teacher he's a very gentle and calme.

  • Big motivasion for me

  • Peopl e ask for help when they're in difficult situation.İ was asked for helped in firstime in Turkey ı asked how to go to my city town at home .

  • Hi everyone! I'm Ousman from Chad but student in Turkey , i have choosen this course to give me a chance improve my inglish with people world wide.