Ydalia Ramirez Loli

Ydalia Ramirez Loli


  • I really enjoyed the course. I learned many things. Thank you Miss Doratja Goluch and Cardiff University.

  • I like that is optional the swearing part, because It takes into consideration the interpreter's position.

  • I agree on foreignising translations, that makes that the reader learns more about the culture and the intention of the writer. I think in order to achieve a good translation of a poem or other literacy text , you don't need to adapt every single thing related to the culture. If you just explain it on a footnote you can make the reader enjoy more the variety...

  • Translating literature looks like a difficult task.

  • I think that for a name to be catchy should be short and easy to say, so I would say just rogel. For the knew operating pointing device I would say in spanish Dispositivo operado por la rodilla.

  • I think that reading about the subject in the two languages really help the translator because not only Will she find terminology but also we Will know how is the style of writting.

  • In spanish, you say that a HIV result is "negativo" and you can't change It to another word. It would lost the meaning.
    Regarding of how to look for terminology what I do is I first look for the meaning in its source languague to understand the meaning , then I would look for parallel texts to try to find the Word,and if I do, then look for the meaning to...

  • I don't think MT will ever replace human translators. I think that at some point of the text will need the intervention of a human translator. You can use the somo tools to help you but when it comes to specialized things, in my experience, it always needs help.

  • Even if the work we are commissioned is a simple text, we shold try to do our best job whether it is a email or a abstract.

  • Sometimes when things seem too easy it's when I overdo the research.

  • The first link is a Spanish cover of Ne" me quitte Pas". Eventhough some literal phrases are missing , the sense is still there. The second link is the Spanish version of a song of Selena gomez I used to hear when a was younger. https://youtu.be/huX0-OiTchk

  • His name is William Luna and the song is Valicha.

  • We can use brochures with all the languages explaining what is meant to convey.

  • It depends on how many people there are, the setting and the place to know what time of translating Will you woek with. Same with the space depends on the circunstances.

  • It's not a band but a single singer from Perú and he sings in spanish amd quechua. He mixes the languages.

  • I think the source text is the italian. You can ser It from the names of the people to the names of the company, i guess.

  • Translating for politicians. The translator needs to keep a professional attitude.

  • copying a painting with a different color palette

  • When i first heard the song in welsh, i thought it was about a happy song. I prefer the english version.

  • El Colegio de Traductores del Perú encourages translators to ensure fidelity of meaning and not be just literal since in most of the cases it doesnt work. Interpreters are required to be impartial in all contexts but specially and legal contexts.
    In the spanish of Perú, we say código de conducta, priorizar el significado, ser imparciales, no involucrarse con...

  • I think they both want the same a translation of quality. But in order to acive this, there are certains things that we have to such such research and many clients demand you to finish it very fast. Many dont undersantd it is a process that takes time.

  • Felipillo was a native amerindian interpreter. He was the interpreter of Francisco Pizarro during the conquest of Peru. He was consired a traitor for helping the Spanish to translate from Quecha to Spanish. His real name is not known. One of his skills he must have had was fast thinking, he was translating in difficult contexts where the pressure is high. But...

  • I really enjoy all the information. Translation involves so many things and it's not just a authomatic process. We have to take into consideration culture and many other aspects which turn it into a complex excersice. So only people trained for this should do it. Especially when it comes to serious topics such as legal translation or medical.

  • I searched the word lunch and then almuerzo in spanish. There was a difference. While lunch in the US is more light like a sandwich or a fruitn in Peru it's like dinner.So basically our lunch is like dinner and viceversa.

  • The fate of the fat
    there was a worthless fat
    who grew up foolish and neat
    he learn how to steal, to pull and open doors
    then this drunk jiggled a hossy
    but at escaping he was such a fool
    he was caught and sent to prison
    In the cell the food was bread and old meat
    and the only drink was water

  • Translation is to convey a message from one language to another in a way that you don't miss what the original transmitter was trying to show. I'ma student of Translation in Perú and translators have the same problem around the world. Our work is understimated.

  • This exercise was hard!
    Here's my attempt
    -issaqqaram ana ummišu
    -Is a car i'm Ana in my shoe.