Peter CJ

Peter CJ

I am a TEFL online tutor specialising in IELTS exam preparation, I also write songs and perform. I do leathercrafting and calligraphy when I get spare time, and of course, I write

Location West of England


  • @MOYJAEAARON Hi Moyjae, with regard to your full story not being posted, do you remember that I said I would quite happily have a look at it, I can also share it for review with Diana and Alex if you would like, but it still comes down to you contacting me which you seem reluctant to do, so it's a shame because you could be a valuable contributor on the...

  • @KathrinSpinnler Hi Kathrin, I have joined that one as well, good luck

  • @MOYJAEAARON Hi, No, Although I have tried to send a message this morning, I'm in the UK Tuesday today, your number is not recognised, is there a country code? Something is wrong. Let's keep trying, you can text me on 0044 7481794749 and then your number will be on my phone, warm regards, PCJ

  • Hi again, if you would still like to join the whatsapp group you will need to send me your phone number then I can invite you, hope to hear from you soon, Peter

  • @MOYJAEAARON Hi, I think it would be great to have you in the group, I have some ideas going forward, and welcome ideas from all of you would-be authors, send me a text to 0044 (0)7481794749 and I will reply with the invite to join the group, now that I have finished this course I am eager to do more and share ideas. Hope to hear from you.

  • @ElizabethReid Thanks for your encouraging feedback, there now three of us in the Night Owl Writers whatsapp group, if you would like to join us message me on 07481794749 and I will send an invite to join, good luck with your writing, it's great fun as well as hard work.

  • Hi, as soon as you text me 07481794749 I will add you to the group, regards, Peter

  • Hi whatsapp group is Night Owl Writers 07481794749, try it and if you cant find it then text me on this number and I will send you a direct link invite

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    Great course, many thanks, Peter CJ

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    I am already recommending this course to others, thanks to everyone and you can keep in touch by my FB page "talktodayonline" maybe get a blog page together, als my "Night Owl Writers" on whatsapp

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    After my feedback reflection I have decided to edit it a bit and make it part of a collection of short stories all under 1000 words each.

  • Thank you Moyjae Aaron for your feedback it was both encouraging and useful, I understand from your conversatios here that you story did not get completely uploaded, this is a shame after all the weeks working here, if you would like to send me the whole piece I would be happy to review it, I am on FB, search for "talktodayonline" message me, I also have a...

  • I wrote the story at one sitting just letting the ideas flow, then I wrote it up on the site and edited it as I wrote, looking back I have a couple of "typos" but generally feel good about it, let's see what you guys think.

  • @AnnaFotiou Keep on writing!

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    The final lap is ahead now and I am just eager to get going, I "final" but we all know that it won't be the end, hopefully, we will go on and on, and eventually find our fellow contributors out there on the bookshelves. I have enjoyed it so much that I am going to take a course in writing for children, I found it on the internet at a reduced price.

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    When we receive feedback we can be sure that somebody has bothered to read our stories, very important because we may be writers but without readers, we are only halfway there.

  • I have been getting some honest feedback from my wife and this has helped shape my writing.

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    I hope to give constructive criticism, I try to use the same criteria for others that I would like to receive.

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    My story could go in a number of different directions, although the need to keep it quite short will determine my choice in the end.

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    I found it a bit chaotic but at the same time I could imagine it being the basis of a jazz song from that era, being a musician I found myself almost singing it. Most peculiar.

  • Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and input, it is much appreciated.

  • Thanks for the tip

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    My character has such a lot of complicated subplots it will be interesting to see what I have to cut out.

  • My story contains all the elements that I look for in other writers, I write what I would like to read. I am very influenced by Dickens, Hardy and Conan Doyle, in other words, I want you to "see" my characters and live through their lives and experiences.

  • I have read nearly all of Charles Dickens works and why I love them is the descriptive style and total immersion in not only the characters but also the locations, to me he was a "serious writer" along with Thomas Hardy.
    If I start to read something that I don't like I will bin it straight away and will not waste my precious life on it.

  • Interesting to hear these different reflections on reading, I totally get Alex's thing about setting a scene then "homing in" on the characters. I tend to use this approach and then if I introduce another scene it will often be in"flashbacks or reminiscing" This partly due to my interest in writing plays where the focus is on the stage

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    I've had a great week, learnt a lot and had some interesting comments and feedback, you guys are great.

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    Good to have this kind of guidance, it's all part of the learning curve.

  • Eyes down for a full house!

  • It's now becoming clear that you can have a lot of ideas and inspiration but without technique to bind and to guide them, ah, they are just ideas, nothing more.

  • I am now building on the two characters and developing the story, feels good.

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    I tried this approach, here is a short extract.

    I like this old coat, people stare sometimes I know, but some are curious, like this chap that came and sat next to me one evening. He touched the sleeve of my coat and asked in a very soft way "Tell me ol' fella, what's the story behind the coat, I've seen you around for the best part of twenty years and you...

  • I suppose we all go through some character changes in life, so so yea, perhaps it would be interesting, thanks for your input

  • This was interesting, my character has "come to life" and seems more real than I first imagined him, this will certainly help with my story.

  • Thank you, I am an English teacher and TEFL consultant and I love the English language, I started reading Charles Dickens when I was 10 years old and love his descriptive style. you can find me on F.B. "talktodayonline" message me there if you want.

  • The lack of physical description did not detract from the story, he made the point very clearly about the rushing to conclusions and then mistaken identity, we did not need much more than that.

  • This is about Donald, and despite his age, he doesn't appear to very grown-up, in fact, he lives in a fantasy world, certainly in this passage anyway, insecure and impetuous. The style of writing is very kitch and and dated, (well I suppose it would be because it is so old!) There are examples of personal histories but very little in the way of description for...

  • Hi Jesus, well you have got me thinking now, it was just a short passage to submit to the course, but now I am thinking if I could develop it into a complete story, thanks for your input, I have started a whatsapp group with Diana from this course, if you would like to to join then look for the "Night Owl Writers" on whatsapp, we are not supposed to give out...

  • I really enjoy describing my characters in fine detail, I am trying to "paint" a picture with words.

  • I think that the most difficult part for me is being consistent with my character's personalities, to keep them on "the path that I have chosen for them.

  • Hi, did you mean to say"stripped away"? and, are sure that George Soros did those things, or do you mean "alleged"? Just curious, that's all.

  • They are all very interesting to listen to and I can take something from all of them, "the characters just find you" ha, I love that bit, now back to writing.....