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Liz Laming

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  • This can present a real challenge Juliet, but it sounds like you are doing a great job in supporting your students! You may find it helpful to have a look at our Cross-Phase Programme Builder - available for members, this Programme Builder is designed to support planning in preparatory or middle schools, covering all three core themes of the Programme of Study...

  • Thanks for sharing Georgia. You've raised a really important point about 'fear tactics' - this will be explored further in week 2 of the course!

  • Some excellent suggestions here - thanks for sharing all!

  • Thanks for sharing this Jo - it definitely highlights the importance of using social norms mindfully.

  • This is great to hear Jo - I'm glad you've found the drug and alcohol education materials helpful!

  • This sounds lovely Mo - it's a fantastic book!

  • Thanks for this suggestion Taryn - this can certainly be explored through a pre-lesson baseline assessment. This will be explored more in week 3!

  • This is a really interesting point La Re Law. We will be launching some 'healthy lifestyles' materials in the Autumn term this year, so do keep an eye out for these!

  • Thanks for sharing your reflections everyone. A few of you have highlighted the importance of training for staff - if you'd like to find out more about our CPD offer, please visit:

  • This is great to hear Cat!

  • Many thanks for sharing this, Isabelle - it emphasises the importance of age-appropriate resourcing of PSHE education.

  • Many thanks for sharing, Megan. This emphasises the importance of safe, age-appropriate resourcing of PSHE education - this will be explored in depth in week 2 of the course.

  • Thanks for sharing Isabelle. What a difficult experience for you - this really highlights the importance of safe practice in the PSHE education classroom.

  • Thanks for sharing everyone - some great suggestions here!

  • Thank you for your comments everyone. In addition to Anne's recommendation below, you can also find our guidance, lesson plans and resources on Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing here:

  • Thanks for sharing everyone! You have created some very interesting and inspiring summaries - lovely to read!

  • This sounds really interesting Isabelle! Age-appropriate learning is so important. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing this La Re Law - it's always really interesting hearing about the approaches different countries take.

  • Hi Megan, great to have you with us! You can find lots of resources and lesson ideas on our website - (you can use the 'quick search' tool to find a variety of quality-assured lessons on different topic areas).

  • Welcome to the course everyone! I'm Liz - one of the subject specialists at the PSHE Association (you'll see me popping up in some of the videos as you progress through the course!). It's lovely to have so many of you with us and I'm really looking forward reading about your experiences and hearing your thoughts over the coming weeks.

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