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  • Considering the children throughout the setting, I would say that there could potentially be confusion, as the majority would of them would associate "germ" as only been a bad thing, a dirty thing or a potentially harmful thing, something we should probably start re-educating them on

  • Valuing and using them as a learning base is a great way to create learning opportunities

  • Dimitri was probably frustrated and as a logical thinker and taking on advice of ignoring it caused some upset waiting would have been better option

  • Sally may not be recieving help which may help her to communicate. In regards to spinning in regards to sensory and regulation she maybe the thrill seeker, research does suggest that some children prefer spinning and spinning objects. Repetitive behaviours are a common trait but could possibly be an obsessive compulsive disorder. Aiming to provide Sally with...

  • Lei clearly became frustrated as her attempts to take the toy did not work. Lei should NOT have been made sit at a table by herself as she needed to self regulate... The sna should have taken appropriate action to help her do this.

  • Dynamic social groups very interesting

  • Ah bless, while there is not mention of if there was a possible action causing Jaya to hit his sister, it is clear that he is rather frustrated, and outraged with his mother's response. This could be for many reason's attention or just the knowledge that if he behaves a certain way maybe his mother will not follow through. However this is a dangerous scenario...

  • I would imagine that John was feeling rather lonely, left out and confused, while he seems to be just interested in playing with his friend rather then another friend, suggest that he like's what is familiar to him. Although his tactic to get his friend to play with him (bribery) would only be a short solution to his situation, it seem's like john, not only...

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    I just love this, his descriptions are fantastic, his attitude towards this diagnosis is the attitude everyone should have ... Let's face it, what it is normal anyway?

  • I think a common theme is that it is important for them, as it for everyone to be recognized as and individual. Therefore Wenn talking about "passion" as he prefers this term, really does make a lot of sense to focus on that passion. Considering most in the early sector would work in regards to teaching children through play based on their own personal...

  • Amazing, very informative.

  • Very interesting. Donna had lots of great and even new information there for me.

  • Hi. I am Tracy, I work in the early years sector and I am the inclusion coordinator.

  • In having some experience with young people and autism, I have learned that they don't get metaphor's and take what you say literally. Their thinking is logical. It's about understanding the person and their needs.

  • I have learned and am still learning a lot. I will be going through this course again and continuing with this area, as I am astonished at how much I did not know, how much I probably still don't know but should know, and in depth this is.

  • The benefits for facebook in having bcrs would be that each group would have the same standards, and there would be no conflicting way's of ensuring data protection. This would also be time efficient as they would not have to issue contractual agreements for each transfer of information. This would also be very useful in regards to transfers within the...

  • I think setting out a code of conduct is a great way to begin good practice. Albeit it would need to be monitored to ensure that it is followed and the rights of subjects are protected.

  • Yes it will have an effect on the behaviour of controllers and processors as there could be an investigation at any time, therefore there is a far greater need to be compliant as it could have a negative effect both on and within the business.

  • Contact details to include name of the controller.
    Precise information.
    Time limits.
    Regular maintenance of storage/file,
    The appropriate level of security has been reached with the subjects personal details, remain confidential. In this case the subjects personal information should be used only for the purpose required.

  • In regards to social media, it has asked for permission to have access, to contacts, camera ect. I did not grant for permission for this, so for example I don't have messenger. I would assume that many don't read the fine print.

  • Data protection design and default. could help us better by ensuring the user is familiar with what the smart phone can have access too! By ensuring data by either design or default, should ensure that data is protected and only used for it's specific purpose.

  • I would ensure that the client understands why his data is needed and that his information is confidential and will not be shared with another source. Informing him/her of our policies and procedures, which they could have access too. I would ensure that a consent form, is clear and concise and that the client fully understand what (s)he is consenting too....

  • I think it is great to know that you can have a non profit organisation address your concerns, and file complaints on your behalf ...

  • national security and health

  • I would think that you would have to give consent to this in some form, and if you haven't then you we need to look at the platform as maybe you have unwittingly given permission for this.

  • I would start by expressing, my concerns and even my rights under gdpr. If concerns are not addressed and dealt with in an appropriate manner, I would let them know that I will be seeking legal advice in regards to the matter.

  • Would this not depend on the entire circumstances, what the illegal activity is?

  • I would want to know why and what purpose my personal data is been used for. However my personal data, name, address, ect would prompt me to exercise my right, if my data was used un-necessarily, inaccurately or for reasons that I had not agreed too.

  • Personally I am always careful about what data I share, and how I share and what it is for. However I was not fully aware of my rights, or even the rights of others, regarding data protection in all domains.

  • I would agree that these rights cannot be disregarded.

  • Parent's or even local authorities provide this information. It is usually done upon registering the child, through the registration forms. Parents are aware that this data is kept safely and is not shared, with any unauthorized persons. It is important that the information regarding the child, is shared, especially concerning any medical issues. This...

  • We need to protect our personal information and rights.

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    There is so much information in this course! I am glad however that I decided to do it, the data protection course's that my sector provides is mediocre compared to this, so much so, that I am still amazed at how little I didn't actually know or understand.

  • Twinkle assessment? I don't know a lot about that? We are play based, and work with the child as an individual, through play, to enhance their learning, assessments are not formally academically based! However depending on a child's situation, circumstances, needs ect we would conduct IEP'S (Individual education plans)...

  • @MartinH Thank you for the link, it's a very interesting page! (Joined)

  • Childline .. Spun out ... Crisis text line (14-25 yrs).There are many other specific helplines available for specific topics, for example body whys for eating disorders, available in Ireland.

  • I had a similar conversation in a previous course, and I think that the area that we really lack on his community supports. While there are some supports here (Ireland) in regards to back to education grants, and courses made available through agencies, I think this would be far better if it was more community based. Making courses such as childcare and...

  • @MartinH Completely agree, also in becoming rather dependent on technology we are taking away interpersonal skills, as it rather easy to hide circumstances. It is a new form of exclusion, this is something I had not really considered until you mentioned it.

  • It is important to know the rights and provisions of children, to ensure that we are protecting their rights, and as adults knowing our obligations to children to ensure that their rights are been delivered, in a meaningful and child centered way.

  • Great resources

  • In Ireland this is a hot topic with many engaging in conversations vulnerable children in terms of poverty, parents are able to get Grant's to send there children to day care where their nutritional needs are met therefore giving parents the opportunity to either work or education this has not been possible during covid 19

  • The pandemic has not only made peoples working lives and vulnerable childrens lives more difficult but it has also highlighted the inadequacies of all childcare sectors.

  • Consent is given in a written format through registration, however this information is also available to be various government bodies whom ensure that the information is accurate and up to date