Laura Méndez Tiscareño

Laura Méndez Tiscareño

I´m from Mexico. I studied Design and visual communication (audiovisual and multimedia) in UNAM.
My work experience is in photography, production design, museography, audiovisual and graphic design.

Location México


  • @LooksMatoto thank you!!!

  • Hi, I want to improve my english so I take this course to learn the vocabulary o photograph.
    If you can give me your opinion about my photos I´ll apreciate it . This is my Instagram :

  • Hello to everyone! I want to improve my skills on photography in order to capture better images.
    I´d love if you can give me your opinion of my photographs

  • It was a very interest course, thanks!!!

  • Thank you!!!

  • A very useful video. Thanks !!!

  • In Mexico City you can find the "Filmoteca", it´s located in Ciudad Universitaria. Also the "Cineteca" has a huge amount of movies ans documentaries .

  • It´s a very interesting video. Thanks for the information.

  • Some of the feelings that I observe are loneliness, sadness, mediocrity and boredom. In fact the colours and the props reinforce this feelings.

  • The analysis was great !!!

  • Thanks Annie to gave this amazing and important information.
    Objects can tell us a part of the story of a character .

  • These are the things that I love to do, create and design tools, sets, props in order to create a word. Thank you for this lesson.

  • Hi, some of my favorite movies thinking on Design Production are Crimson Peak, Wolfwalkers and in TV series Gilded Age.
    And for me the future of Production Design will be the usage of digital tools keeping to the limit the physical things

  • Hi,
    A movie that I loved is "Crimson Peak" for me all the elements that appear on the screen has a pourpose and the wardrobe was brilliant also the props

  • Hello, I´m Laura and I´m from Mexico.
    My degree is on Design and Visual Comunication and I got a certificate in cinematography. I want to take this back and work on the industry because my last job was about museums. I was a very unique experience but now I want to do the things I love to do.

  • Hello, I´m very excited to take this course!!!

  • Thank you for the course, you gave me important infomation.

  • I haven´t use this tool before but definitely I´ll download it when I finish the unit.

  • @CésarAugustoMedina thank you for your comment César

  • I´m agree with you. Also help is useful and it give us another point of view

  • Hi, honestly I found very difficult to understand the examples so the first thing I did was to translate in spanish the text ans then I translate itin plain English. I hope you can give me your opinion.

    In order of your complaint made on September 12 the Complaints Handling Team solve to reimbursed the charge in your debit card xxxxx in 10 working days.

  • *A flat with three rooms = Three bedrooms, with the compact third bedroom currently used as a study/storage area
    *A safe neighbourhood = a vibrant neighbourhood

  • Hi,
    In my work doesn´t speak or write in English but in Spanish they uses a lot of unimportant words. Unfortunately I learn this way of writting and know that I try to change this I found a little difficult.

  • I only want to say THANK YOU for your teaching and for share your knowledge.

    I hope to study in the UK soon.
    Have a great day.

  • Hello, in this moment I don´t have questions. You were very clearly about the information.
    The only thing that I have to do is practice.

    Thank you for all!!!

  • Dear friend

    How are you? What about you?
    I´m so glad that you decided to study in the Uk, I´m sure that you´ll find the academic experience interesting and satisfing.
    Here we have lectures, that are so different from Mexico universities. In the UK you have to research and prepare the subject given to participate in a debate.
    Also we have tutors that...

  • Hello, the words that I found are:

    Work hard, great experience, heavy rain

  • Hi, I found that Farah doesn´t use the correct words. Some adverbs and adjectives aren´t correct.

  • Hi, I found that professor Sheena Gardner defines genre, literature, disciplines and scholarship.

    *Genre: type

    *Literature: in academic context defines as "sources" to use in writing. Evidence to support what you means.

    *Disciplines: subjects

    *Scholarship: being able to take what other people know and use it in your work

  • Hi, my University has the same way. With a tutor the experience of learning can be more attractive.

  • Hi,
    The tutorials in my universtity are similar. I found interesting if someone can tell me if there is a different way to give a tutorial.

  • Hello
    The lectures in my University are different, usually the teacher is the unique that speaks. Honestly I like more the way that Omar explain because it gives the chance to learn and know other point of view.

  • To be honest I found clearler the definitions of the video. With this information I understant the difference between tutorial and seminar.

  • Hi, these are the definitions that I found.

    * LECTURE: ​a talk to a group of people about a particular subject, especially at a college or university.

    *SEMINAR: ​a class at a college or university in which a small group of students discuss a subject with a teacher.

    *TUTORIAL: a lesson in which a student or a small group of students discusses a subject...

  • @PeterMa you´re right Peter, thank you for your comment

  • Hello, first of all I want to thank you for all the advices that you gave us.
    Then I have to practice how tho make short the things that I write in order to focus the attention in the thing that I want.

    Other thing that I didn´t realized was the use of acronyms, in my mind all the people know the meaning of it.

    Have a nice weekend.

  • @FahimaHashimi it can be the practice. Maybe we can hear, read and write more in the "british way"

  • @CésarAugustoMedina hi César. I wish that you make great in the exam. The trouble I have is that I write in english in the same way I write in Spanish, sometimes I see the mistakes but other don´t.

  • Hi, this is the way I rewrite the text, I hope that you can give me your opinion.

    For effective public communication by the government and as a way to improve your writing all the citizens can look the "Government Digital Service style guide" whera you can find rules on spelling, gramma and the usage of acronyms that it´s used in the publications of the...

  • In my organization website I found this acronyms: CIDyCC, TIAP, CCH, ENP, FAD, UNAM. All of these are names of different areas in the University honestly I didn´t realice that for someone external don´t make sense.

  • Hello, I found this website with some examples. I hope it will be useful

  • Hi, each area has their specialised language and I think it can´t avoid but what we can do is to identify the sutuation and if we are talking with an non specialized person we can try to say in a different way

  • Hello, my name is Laura and I´m from Mexico. I´m taking this course because I want to improve my writting skill. Honestly I have to practice it.
    The type of writing that I want to practice is the Academic.
    Thanks for reading.