Nagappan Victorgnanarajan

Nagappan Victorgnanarajan


  • The course is interesting and more knowledge is obtained

  • Interesting

  • giving sum up lead us to recollect. Thank you very much

  • Counter examples nature and implementations very nice

  • Validity and strength of arguments learnt interestingly

  • Argument fundamental notion to critical thinking more interesting

  • Availability heuristic a new interesting topic

  • Introduction and the contents create curiosity you go through

  • Exactly

  • Agreed

  • Let us try

  • For a beginner like me this is an opening not the end

  • Thoughts capitulated

  • Agreed

  • Really informative and exciting.

  • Articles designed step by step leading to higher elevation taking the readers into confidence

  • Agreed

  • @EstherGombor ste by step beautifully elevating to next higher level

  • Wonderful

  • Shakespeare in you

  • @SufiaAlam nicely summed up

  • Fantastic

  • Theory really in practice

  • Interesting

  • As time tolls on the morality in many areas change. Abhorance of prostitution,abortion has a different view at present.
    Utilitarianism as mentioned :bound to change on due course?

  • Great indeed

  • The Is-ought problem is well understood with your suitable examples

  • Descriptive,moral and normal statements really thought provoking, emotional and more knowledgeable.
    Has aroused interest in readers.
    Thank you very much.

  • Agreed

  • @RodHarris exactly

  • @GeorgeMorgiannis It may vary.Why not with universally accepted morals such as:steal not.....

  • Spirit of the learner

  • Great. May agree with universal human moral.

  • Role of authority is well defined.

  • Justice delayed by keep on applying is delayed justice which is really denied justice

  • The same law book but different verdicts

  • Agreed

  • More practical

  • Surely ,but sometimes they will find after the death of the truthful

  • The lady carrying the scale on the court is blinded

  • Has to reason

  • Lawyer is more or less a logician

  • Good

  • Nice