Allan Cunningham

Allan Cunningham

I am a civil engineer who practices as a procurement /program/project manager in public and private projects. I have a desire to continually learn to improve my skills through varied learning.

Location Trinidad, West Indies


  • I care for a family member and others and desire to perform with kindness and compasson.

  • I am reviewing this lesson and the material I found on the RICS website as I study. I appreciate the program very much.

  • This introduction was engaging.

  • Thank you for this course material. You are making it very practical. I shall be reviewing Understanding Building Failures by James Douglas as I study your material. Thank you.

  • I have found that the interpretation of cracks is an art. I have noted that masonry failures are difficult to diagnose. I find the textbook Practical Guide to Diagnosing Structural Movement in Buildings by Malcolm Hollard helpful.

    I like my colleague's use of this lesson.
    Question - Why is there ...? mould on the wall around the ceiling and droplets...

  • The typical method was stated at secondary school and general laboratory work.

  • Trick question.

  • This was a trick question, as air pressures can affect a building.

  • This study is similar to forensic engineering in the USA and the UK. What is the difference?

  • Additionally, I have observed similar defects in the building. It is common in my region for shear cracks to be observed at door frames as lintels have not been placed over the opening.

  • I have recently observed vinyl floor defects in a commercial office wherein the floor finish lifted so badly that tape was placed on the floor to keep the tiles. This has led me to investigate the process of laying vinyl floor tiles. It is important to determine the sources of moisture in the floor before installation and the RH; standard tests can be carried...

  • I have observed that moisture on the ground floor slab before installing floor finishes can be a major problem. I have noted the practice in the USA of determining the moisture content before installation, which is not commonly practised on my island. While investigating a floor defect, I obtained a paper on this defect,-" Concrete Floors and Moisture by...

  • I like the start of this course, I would like to get CPD points.

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    Hi all, I am a civil engineer performing services in Quality Management and desire current teaching on quality management as I studied Total Quality Management about 10 years ago. I want to refresh myself and grow more in the field. I am life long learner.

  • Completing my research project will develop my abilities in managing time, commitment and enable future academic achievement.