Tane Hoiseter

Tane Hoiseter


Location University of Bergen, Norway


  • Hi, Sylvana, as long as you are already enrolled in this course you will keep your access to all course material after the course ends. Including the TwoBox tool.

  • Hi, try downloading a copy of the video. It might play better offline. Good luck!

  • Hi, have you checked the quality of your internet connection? If the videos don't play well it might be due to lack of streaming capacity. All the videos are downloadable. If you have trouble playing it online, try to download a copy and play it offline. Good luck!

  • Hi, Alan, the transcripts and subtitles have now been generated - and added to the video. Good luck!

  • Hi, Jenny, this video was produced this Friday, so we're still awaiting the transcripts. They will be posted as soon as they arrive.