Bryce Stewart

Bryce Stewart

Bryce is a Senior Lecturer whose work has ranged across temperate and tropical seas. He specialises in improving the management of fisheries and studying the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas.

Location United Kingdom


  • Have a look in Aldi and Asda for affordable seafood that is also certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)

  • Very sorry to hear about your situation. Thoughts with all of you in Ukraine

  • Yes, good point. The two things are so related that you can't really say one is worse than the other

  • Check out Project Seagrass for an organisation that is doing just that:

  • @JosephZammit Pleased to be of service! Wishing you fair winds and following seas :-)

  • Thanks Pat, I totally agree. Improving communication and trust between all stakeholders is the only way forward

  • Thanks Victoria, great to hear you enjoyed this week. Or least feel better informed by it! I take your point about the lack of urgency, but there is lots of positive work now going on. It is down to all of us to keep the pressure on governments to act

  • Sounds fabulous! Thanks for sharing

  • Thanks Edward, all excellent points. One of the hardest things when talking about fisheries is communicating that complexity and the fact that what may be an issue for one sector is irrelevant to another. The media often doesn't help by making sweeping generalisations and 'putting everyone in the same boat'!

  • I agree it can be hard to be optimistic at times. But the ocean does have an amazing ability to recover, and I'm not ready to give up on it yet!

  • @PaulKamill How could I forget Jules Verne! Your other points are well made too

  • @MicLaird Yes I went there last summer. Extraordinary place! The current flows so strongly in places that it rises up into mounds on the sea surface

  • @JanMole Yes, I agree this was quite a simplistic overview, I'm afraid that was all I had room for in a course designed to cover a wide range of environmental issues and solutions. Thanks for suggesting where people can find more information. I also teach a whole module on the subject at the University of York :-)

  • Having just looked at the results it appears we have a very well informed class! Both the NHS and World Health Organisation recommend eating two portions of fish per week, one of which should be oily. That was the most popular answer!

  • Wow, so many great comments and experiences! Thanks for sharing everyone!!

  • Sorry, that was my attempt at humour! Mackeral numbers are indeed very variable and strongly linked to temperature. In general stocks are moving north and are now much more abundant around Norway and Iceland than they used to be

  • Sounds like an intense experience! I agree, having been in a few severe storms and cyclones myself, one of the most lasting (and disturbing) memories is of the sound

  • Actually, the first thing I wrote in this article was 'monsoons are thought to support the livelihoods of over 60% of people on Earth.' The mention of mountaineers and surfers was just to add a bit of colour. I totally agree that fisheries and farming are much more important to humanity.

  • Yes, warming does indeed have lots of other effects. Warmer water holds less oxygen and changing currents are affecting both marine life and the weather on land

  • @PatHill Well it's hard to tell if you are swimming in it (!), but the area is indeed warming up much faster than the global average

  • Fair enough, it's always good to question. But I personally don't think there is any doubt that human's are causing climate change, and the weight of evidence backs me up. Yes climate is also varying naturally at the same time, but humans are now causing unnatural changes on top of that

  • I met Ian Urbina a couple of years ago. Fascinating guy doing important work to highlight some of the unseen threats to the oceans

  • Tim Winton is my favourite author too! I don't know if you have heard, but 'Dirt Music' is coming out as a film later this year. I can't wait! Sounds like you have had some wonderful travels - thanks for sharing your experiences