Neelam Jagait

Neelam Jagait

Neelam is an Engagement Manager at Founders4Schools, managing connections between educators and the business community to support young people with their employability skills and readiness.

Location London


  • If you would like to arrange an Inset session with us, please email and we could arrange to give your school a free demo.

  • I agree, having worked as a teacher myself, educators have very little time. Our website allows you to book flexibly during lunch or after school (F4S). I hope this makes it somewhat easier to plan your career inspiration activities.

  • I strongly agree, Year 10 WeX was crucial. Students can now use the WorkFinder app to secure remote WeX: Good luck.

  • The key is (not always easy) to have SMT fully integrate careers education provision within the school timetable and year plans. I'd be curious to know if any schools are doing this well...

  • It would be incredibly useful to understand what more course providers and charities like F4S can be doing to support educators likes yourself... :)

  • You make a great point Angela. How often do you think students should be having student employer encounters? Our research shows 3-4 encounters reduces the likelihood of them becoming NEET by 86%!

  • @SandyKinninmonth
    Great to hear this feedback. Might I add, Founders4Schools is for subject staff as well as career leads. We have mapped with Gatsby Benchmarks but also, there is an opportunity to map the delivery of the employer encounters to the curriculum by adding information within the 'Event Description' box when making a booking.


  • It is great to see your reasons for wanting to take this course.
    I hope the course provides you with plenty of learning opportunities and allows you to build on ideas which can be taken into the classroom.

    Good luck,

  • Hi Jane,

    I completely agree- you can't beat the face-to-face learning experience. For now F4S are facilitating online webinar employer encounters but as soon we are able to, we'd like to be back to the traditional face-to-face speaker events. Fingers crossed!

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Sandy,

    Thank you for your comment, point number 2 is certainly surprising for us all. F4S are trying to equip young people for the jobs of tomorrow through our inspiring career talks with the help of our speakers.

    We've taken your feedback on board about the video transcripts.


  • Thank you for your thoughts on this.

    F4S are offering short and sharp employer encounters, from 8 mins which are embedded within lesson times and tutorials.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,

  • This is an interesting insight and I do agree.

    Founders4Schools are supporting teachers to embed short and sharp employer encounters within the curriculum to help it come alive.

    Hence, you can book an 8 minute session with a speaker (during lesson time/tutorial/after school etc) and inform/brief speakers on what you are currently teaching your...