Ligia Cavalcanti

Ligia Cavalcanti

I am Ligia, I graduated in Business Administration. I started studying at Futurelearn to improve my English. I want to take a post graduation course abroad. I love meeting people to exchange ideas

Location Brazil


  • It is fascinating to go through the study of translation! Thank you!

  • These tips are a good reflection. "Always think of translation as a complex task even when it looks very simple." That´s true! Even when I had to translate a simple sentence, I had to think what the best words were to translate that sentence! it has to make sense in another language!

    We have to pay attention not only to the linguistic but also to the...

  • I start doing some translations from English to Portuguese, the most difficult part was to understand the subject, it is not only to translate but we need to have some knowledge about it. There are some interesting areas such as AI (artificial inteligent) ,IT (information technology), Sustainability. I have learned that it is more than a translation, we need...

  • Hello, I am from Brazil! I love to learn about different cultures and languages, this is why I decided to work as a translator.

  • Hello, everyone! My name is Ligia, I am from Brazil. I have been studying English for a long time. I graduated in Business some years ago. I have worked in different areas such as teaching English, working with my own business, with networking marketing and so on.
    As I always love English, I decided to work with translation from English to Portuguese. I am...

  • I am watching the News.

  • Hi, My name is Ligia, I am from Brazil, I am studying English in order to improve my English skills to work with translation.

  • Hello everyone! Let´s do it!

  • I wonder What AI can do in our lives, how AI will help us to do some tasks and save our time...

  • Ligia Cavalcanti made a comment

    How far can we rely on AI? It is amazing and scary at the same time!

  • The origins of artificial intelligence. How did AI start?

  • Hi, everyone! I'm from Brazil. I started doing some tasks with AI in a free lancer job. So I decided to learn the concepts of AI . I am keen to learn as much as I can.

  • It is a huge and import topic! Stay safe on line !

  • I am so happy to be able to learn how AI works.

  • I am curious to know how AI has became so import in our lives.

  • They seem easy to answer but the most difficult one is 'not given'.

  • 1-Her correspondence with Babbage suggests that Ada relied a great deal on his guidance.
    2- Ada´s biographer believes her discussion of the implications of Babbage´s work contributed to her conceptual vision of what computing might become.

  • 1- An auditorium is seen at the back of the painting.
    2-A trapeze artist is performing for the audience.

  • Based on the comment that the keywords are ‘fight or flight’, ‘activated’ and ‘difficult’.It also said we were looking for a problem , the only possibility was letter B.

  • Thanks!

  • I prefer to take the paper based test. I will feel more comfortable and I also like to take notes on the paper!

  • Thank you for the tips and recommendations!

  • @GenevieveWhite I think if you read the questions first, It will give you an idea how to use your time wisely .(Time management)

  • Don´t be distracted , keep your concentration in order to be focus! Keep your goal! The most important factor is trying to understand the questions! What these questions are asking me for! Breathe, keep calm ! Don´t waste your time! Be positive! Try your best!

  • They didn´t use the time wisely! They forgot about the time management! The most important is to understand the questions and look for the right answers.

  • First, I read the questions . It was easy to answer the questions, the vocabulary was not difficult. I could identify the key facts and information contained in the text by reading it (skimming),after I was able to scanning it to look for the specific information.
    1. False,
    2. True
    3.Not given

  • Thank you for the video! I loved to listen the good tips! It was very interesting to watch you telling us how to do the reading part! I learned very useful strategies!

  • I am thinking about it! Probably, I will take IELTS next year.

  • Thank you, Alister for your comments and tips!

  • Today , I attended IELTS webinars , It was about Developing active reading. The first strategy was survey! I really liked it because before you starting reading you should take a quickly look in the text .You should observe :
    1- if the text is long, how many pages it has
    2. If there is a title,heading
    3. If you can find diagrams, charts
    4. If there is a...

  • I am looking forward to learning more about social media and content marketing. Thank you!!

  • Thank you for the tips! They are very useful!

  • Good Evening, everyone! I am interested in learning how to use social media more effectively! How I can have the right audience . How the best tools are to communicate with your target market. What the best social media to work for.

  • Be sure when you are reading a text, you are looking for the answers, for this reason, don´t waste your time with words or expressions that are not important for your answer.
    Try to practice reading long text, pay attention, how long time you take to understand the general idea of it.
    Search synonyms for the key words in the text, maybe they will help...

  • Number 1 'How good is my skills to find the answers' ( you are not reading for pleasure, you are only able to read 10% of the text, you are reading to find the answers, so you have to understand the questions)
    Number 2 If you don´t know the answers, you guess both reading and listening, never leave blank answers.

  • 7. respiratory movements
    9. electric currents

  • I like the last tip; you don´t need to paraphrase!

  • When the shark gets close, it uses electric signals to guide it toward an accurate attack.

  • 1. Researchers believe people don´t need money to be happy.
    2. English is the second language most spoken in the world.
    3. Many storks move to other regions but they may come back to the same den year after year.

  • I loved the video about ten ways to learn new words! I will share some of them.
    1- No random words, with new words , try linking them with something meaningful to you. You ´ll be more likely to remember a new word.
    2- Learn in chunks and scripts. We remember words better when we learn then in 'chunks' or phrases.
    For example, instead of memorizing the...

  • progeny - originated
    debris - something destroyed
    unassuming - very tiny
    undetected - not seen
    hurtling - throw away
    trigger - to initiate
    stemming - from the beginning
    to buckle - to fasten
    wrenched- to twist, a sudden forcible twist
    hurdle - a frame like barrier to be jumped over an obstacle race
    harnness - to manage

  • The first sentence: One of the most frubious=challenging aspects of house design today is insulation.
    The second sentence: Because of the need to use energy more heptenly = economically..
    The third sentence: One creative builder has used only mowglen = bricks to provide insulation...

    1. frubious = challenging = adjective
    2. heptenly = economically =...

    I am not used to reading about health articles, so I tried to be out of my comfort zone to practice it.
    I read about if copper could cure pain. I could understand most of the words. The article explained the experience with copper made by a german doctor who thought copper could work for treatment...

  • I try to figure out what the key word that I don´t understand match with the other words in the text. I try to infer the meaning of the key word by the context. My last resource is look it up at the dictionary.

  • Firstly, I took a look at the questions.Then, I tried skimming the article to give me a general idea.It was a long text. When I read the heading I could figure out what the article would tell us : detective stories , criminal investigation , murdered and thieves. The text is about Sherlock Holmes and his creator Arthur Doyle Conan, how Holmes´s fame has...

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    I graduated in Business Administration. I had my own business , I used to have a book store at school.Booking selling is a wonderful and fulfilling profession. I have managed one for fourteen years but like any other retail business you have to meet the cost of rent compensation and utilities, not to mention payments to your vendors.
    However, I closed my...

  • I read about Margaret Thatcher´s relationship with Elizabeth II.
    The article talked about the relationship between the two women.The writer was wondering if they had been friends. What kind of relationship they had. Margaret...

  • I think we should read all kind of issues! We should read about Politician, Entertainment, History, Scientific articles,Financial, Health Care , especially those articles we are not familiar with!

  • I loved the definition of scanning: hunting for words but when I listened to the video I misspelled hunting with haunting . I had to look it up the dictionary to see the difference of meaning and spelling between them. I could not realize the difference of pronunciation . It sounds the same for me!

  • Thank you, Alister!

  • Thank you!!! I have been learning a lot !

  • Thanks for the tips and links!

  • Don´t waste your time! Use it wisely:
    First read the questions or sentences that you have to complete.
    Second look for key words to help you to answer the questions or complete the sentences in the text.
    Third look for synonyms of the key words of the questions in the text.
    Four Don´t panic if you don´t understand everything, try to get a general...

  • It is difficult to guess , there is not much information!
    11 - D
    12 - B
    13 ~ F

  • I got 4/5 questions. First , I read the questions to understand what I had to search in the text.. Then, I skimmed to give an idea what it was about. At the same time I looked for key words to help me to find the right answers.

  • I got 5/6 in 10 minutes. I paid closely attention to the topic sentences and the final sentences. I didn't understand all the vocabulary but I got the general idea of the text. It 's a good practice to the IELTS test.

  • Ligia Cavalcanti made a comment

    We have to speak at length with coherence and avoid repetition.
    I t is good to speak long sentences with coherence about different topics to practice it!It is also important to express using a variety of vocabulary.

  • They tried to do their best but I could realize the second candidate had not a good pronunciation especially when he spoke the word "money" and his coherence was not very good. The others candidates spoke with fluency and coherence. It is an artificial situation so it is easy to get nervous.

  • I can speak fluently but I need to improve my vocabulary for specific themes , It is hard to explain complex subjects.

  • These are simple questions, I think. Some questions you have to give your opinion. The most important is not to get nervous and try to be confident!

  • @RossanaMuñoz Thank you! I hope you can achieve your goals too!!

  • The live will be at 9:30 am in my country! Thank you!

  • I am Ligia, I am from Brazil. I am glad to be here , so I can exchange ideas, knowledge and know a little bit about you! I am a curious person, I love learning about others cultures.. It is so interesting how we can have different points of view about the same subject! Life is so fascinating when we can share thoughts, experience, wisdom and build friendships!...

  • I would like to improve my English in order to study and work abroad.When the educators speak it is very easy to understand but when I watch a video or listen to an english podcast, it is sometimes hard to understand!

  • @RicardoReyes Don´t worry too much! Keep trying! It will come naturally! Somebody told me some years ago, if you start dreaming in English, you end up speaking it too.

  • A: IV Davis´ unique style of trumpet playing
    b: I An education in two parts.

  • The text was easy to understand , so the questions were also easy to answer!There was no challenge to answer them!

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    Scanning is also very important because you go straight to the point! You go for it! For example; when you need to go to somewhere , but you don´t know what time this place will be open, so you look for specific information: what time this place( e.g., mall, cinema, theater etc) is open.

  • Yes!!! It takes time but I think it is worthwhile!

  • I can speak English fluently without pausing, it comes naturally. I can connect ideas, grammar use, vocabulary but I have some difficulties in stressing some English syllables. It is hard to pronounce them besides I have accent when I speak English but I hope to do the IELST pretty well.

  • It is very important to know the techniques when you are reading. During my reading I read all the topic sentences to give me an idea what the paragraph was trying to tell us.I also looked up at the final sentences to help me in a conclusion or how the text is going to continue. I looked for sign posting and context words.
    The text talked about the Olympic...

  • I think the tip number 6 is very interesting. Sometimes, we waste a lot of time look for some specific information that it is not important!

  • Ligia Cavalcanti made a comment

    It was a long text but I could answer all of the questions. I tried to read quickly in order to get a general idea about it. I didn´t stop reading to look for specific information.

  • I started doing meditation in order to get concentrated and be calm. I´m an anxious person! I am learning how to deal with my emotions in a stress situation. I try to infer the meaning of the words in the context when I don´t know the vocabulary. If it is not possible I look it up at the dictionary and I also try to take note the meaning of the words in my...

  • @YaminAye Thank you!

  • The most difficult is to deal with long texts and long sentences structure( what the author wants to say?), how to read long text to find out the right answers?( Do I know how to understand the author´s ideas?). How to look for specific information? How to deal with time management?

  • I think we need to learn good strategies to read the questions and not to waste time ! Maybe we have to read for specific information (scanning) or reading rapidly in order to get a general overview of the material (skimming).

  • I am happy because Facebook live will be in a nice time for me! I will be able to attend on Thursday 22nd October. Thank you!

  • Hi Alana. I also from Brazil! Keep going! English is very important!

  • Don´t give up your dreams! If you really want this, the Universe will help you.Keep going and good lucky!

  • Hi everyone! Iam from Salvador, Brazil. I graduated in Business many years ago! Now , I want to take a post graduation course in Canada. I hope I can get a good score at IELTS! I love English I am interested in improving my four skills: Listening, writing ( the most difficult one), speaking and reading!

  • I love reading ! I read the news on social media. I love reading about Personal Development, Spiritualism, Health Life, Financial , Politician, Entrepreneurship but I also like to listen to these subjects on You Tube.

  • I listen to podcast. I also like to watch films at Netflix.

  • Thanks for the tips!

  • Thank for it!

  • Ligia Cavalcanti made a comment

    I prefer linear notes or mind map, if there is time and room to write.

  • Thank, Sally for the tips!

  • Don´t lose your focus! Concentration is the best tip!

  • This audio was easier than the one before. The speakers speak in good pace!

  • I need to practice more. It is difficult to listen to the conversation and at the same time try to infer what the speakers are talking about. It is not only to understand the speakers but also to deduce the answers.

  • @MARGIEBELARDO I listened to the same podcast! I thought it was a good reflection! Should she change her citizenship or not? How deep is it import to be connected to the country where you were born?

  • I listened to The American Life. It is called Three Miles. It is a story about two high schools and two friends.Lisa and Angela worked as educators in a exchange program between a public school and a private school in Bronx , New York . The two schools were three miles from each other. Lisa used to take the students from the public school to visit the private...

  • It is easier to listen to only one speaker. You can concentrate better.Sometimes if there are two speakers, they share a lot of information and they speak pretty fast!

  • Keep focus and do not lose your concentration even if you are not able to answer a question! You don´t need to understand every word!Predict answer. Do not leave any blanket questions ! Underline keywords! Be ready for synonyms and paraphrasing! Practice , study any maps, plans or diagrams in details. These are useful tips! The most important is keeping...

  • Thank all of you! Great teachers! Useful tips! I have been learning how to do the IELTS test.

  • Well done!

  • Great tips!

  • When the audio is long, It is difficult to stay focus! I need to concentrate in order not to lose track but is is not easy ,especially when there are plenty of detais to pay attention!

  • I listened to a BBC podcast. I listened about Zing Tsjeng. She was born in Singapore but she has spent most of her adult life in England. She hasn´t taken her British citizenship because she could not have two citizenships .Singapore does not allow to have two nationalities.But she was thinking about what being British was. So she started interviewing people...

  • Don´t lose your track if you can not answer one question.Keep going listening the audio. Be concentrate and stay focus!