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Robel  Desta

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  • @DavidHughes, for the transport sector, there are innovative mass transit approaches (like bus priority, BRT systems etc.) that need be incorporated in government policy, especially in developing countries. Mass transit is one of the promising alternatives to reduce GHG emission and many developing countries are failing to fulfill the mobility needs of the...

  • Hi Everyone,
    I am Robel Desta, a prospective PhD candidate in Transportation Engineering with an MSc in Road & Transport Engineering and BSc in Civil Engineering. I am from Ethiopia and I have been working in the road sector for more than 8 years. Having seen the prevalent distress types in our rural roads, I believe this topic could have significant impact...

  • The issues raised above could be major contributing factors for premature failure of our road infrastructures.

  • Very interesting summary of the tests involved!

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    In dealing with soils, determining the engineering properties and characterizing the soils is critical, which are important components in a good soil description.

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    See you next week, the lessons from this week were tremendous!

  • For the PT scheme, important factors like status of the LAB equipment, proper skill of the LAB technicians and calibration of the instruments are critical. Moreover, the independence of the assessor need to be ascertained to ensure the reliability of inter-laboratory comparisons. Since the quality of the roads we build depend on the material quality, PT should...

  • Such inter-laboratory comparisons help in achieving international standardization in the testing process by addressing the possible cause of the variability at different laboratory setups. Moreover, careful material testing is an important step in all-weather low volume road construction and inter-laboratory comparisons will help in evaluating the performance...

  • It is crucial to achieve consistency in laboratory tests, since test results may vary from one testing facility to the other and this may lead to early distresses in our rural roads. How is this PT procedure expand beyond calibration of LAB instruments for achieving reliable results apart from the skill of LAB technicians?