Dr. Wael Albawwab

Dr. Wael Albawwab

I am an Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering / Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering. I am mainly professional in teaching many courses from 2nd Year Undergraduate Level up to Master's Degree Level.

Location Sultanate of Oman


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  • Strategy in project management and planning starts with mutual cooperation, valid resources, flexible management, and dynamic decision making, along with the availability of: alternative options, adequate skills and tools, and clear responsibilities.

  • Evaluate your current situation and identify your future needs. Understand the others' objectives and requirements. Study the related regulations and prevailing conditions. Go for compromise deals with mutual achievable goals.

  • In practice, projects' needs are with no doubt to be fulfilled by the management teams. Successful management should achieve this with an acceptable level of satisfaction for personal needs. I believe that the preferred situation for this relationship lies within the straight line starting from "Compromise" till it reaches "Collaborate" in the figure.

  • By experience, project managers must be able to anticipate any conflict possibilities within their teams, and once it emerges, without hesitation they have to identify and analyze the conflict from all aspects and impose proper metigating steps to resolve the problem entirely, i.e. the causing sources and the resulting effects.

  • Functional and senior management is a critical responsibility to handle since you have to respond, interact, make decisions, study and analyze feedbacks and other reports, motivate, manipulate, and be successfully available to fulfill all the requirements any time and everywhere within your limits of responsibility.

  • I do not prefer to be involved in a multiproject situation unless these projects are somehow homogeneous or highly interrelated.

  • I am not quite sure about this approach of reducing and buffering by 50%. On what basis, and how could be justifiable with respect to the preliminary study plans of the project...

  • I think that this approach of critical chain is applicable for complicated plans of larger scale projects and not for normal ones.

  • Recall my comment regarding dynamic project management where you can stretch or shorten task duration, also you may bring earlier or push onwards a task start point or end point. Of course you have to be careful about the project critical tasks and critical progress path.

  • I believe that projects with complex plans are somehow critical missions since the successful and proper progress from start to end depends on all the project members and not only the leading team.

  • Project managers must always: be aware of all the ongoing progress with respect to plan, potential negative impacts, keep a suitable margin of safety against defective events, try to keep ahead of the assigned project plan, and extract actual guidelines from the project feedback reports.

  • Successful motivation for upgrading productivity rate will lead to either a new end date other than the planned one, or a peaceful end with overcoming sudden conditions of project.

  • In summary it is very useful if project management team can increase the productivity rate by more resources and/or more working hours. One very helpful way to achieve this is to apply proper motivating ideas.

  • As I mentioned earlier, well experienced project managers has to apply successfull and dynamic resource management with respect to project requirements and prevailing conditions.

  • Well experienced project managers are capable of optimizing the interrelations among the project cost, time, and quality.

  • Over a certain period of time, top management team has to have a very clear vision of the available resources, tools, fund, and staff. Then accordingly they have to select a proper number of projects that can be completed successfully with considering a suitable margin of safety against potential risks and negative effects so not to experience any case of...

  • Quality assurance could be done by assuring the client's quality information for accuracy and validity. Quality control could be done by testing the water for contamination level and required specifications. Quality auditing could be done by inspecting the source of water contamination and apply adequate metigating steps.

  • Quality assurance, quality control, and quality audit, can be properly applied when you have enough and well experienced team members with adequate tools and active communications.

  • Project related information :
    Higher level of uncertainties throughout the project plan means higher costs to achieve the required quality of work.
    Project team:
    Lower level of experience and productivity means higher costs due to extra time and effort.
    Project conditions:
    Negative prevailing work conditions means higher costs due to extra time and effort.

  • Please be aware that the optimal point is depending on the maximum value of the defect rate and the maximum value of the total failure costs.

  • Quality is the level of an ongoing process or an output result when compared to its assigned technical description. Quality is relevant to the project requirements and conditions.

  • In fact you can not go out of the borders of the Iron Triangle, but it is a matter of balancing the three axes within the assigned limits to optimize the progress according to the prevailing project conditions till you reach the successful end.

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  • Online Education imposes extensive responsibilities on all parties in particular the teacher who is leading the process from start to end. You have to be patient and flexible with full adherence for the course prepared plan and targeted outcomes.

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  • In fact I am applying any new idea from this course directly to my ongoing experience with online education. Also I have been downloading and saving all resource materials and tools for future developments. Thanks again for all your support.

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  • To adhere the project plan and fulfill all the requirements properly, as a project manager I need a team with adequate number and related experiences, enough resources and information, valid communication channels, applicable alternative plans, and suitable prevailing conditions.

  • As a project manager and in such critical situations, every team member must clearly understand that we are all in one boat sharing the responsibility towards the same target, and every team member must fulfill the assigned tasks properly according to the applied rules and regulations and with accordance to the prevailing conditions.

  • Project managers must have enough experience to know when to use simple humanitarian interrelations for successful leadership and also when to firmly activate the assigned rules and regulations.

  • Feedback reports must clearly explain the actual progress against the requirements especially in cases of defective performance. It must focus on the negative points with the corresponding standards and recommended meting methods.

  • Motivation is a tool that project management teams may apply to achieve better performance on the project's time and/or budget scale. Motivation is an optional process that can be applied with securing all the project's condition according to the proper requirements to get extra benefits above the project plan. Assigning less experienced members of the project...

  • As a project manager, among my team members I have to fairly provide opportunities of: interactive communications, support and development, sharing ideas and resources, and motivation.

  • Project managers at all levels must practically prove to their team members that they are leading the team on the right track while providing adequate support for their needs of development and confidence.

  • Diversity in project teams is essential due to the different needs to fulfill the different tasks. But it has to be done in a fair manner according to the assigned roles and responsibilities among the project team members.

  • Very interesting points. Actually in any project the harmony and homogeneity among project team members would create a positive work environment and hence better performance and smoother progress.

  • Very useful video and many thanks to Steve. All roles and duties are to be assigned precisely and concisely with accordance to the project time plan, with providing flexible and dynamic communication channels among related team members.

  • In all stages of the project from start to end, each project member must be aware of his current progress situation, his current role and duties, his time plan to adhere, and his direct reference leader.

  • In fact successful project management can be nothing else but this model when fulfilling each stage adequately and properly. Project management teams and performance may be affected by the projects' scale and prevailing conditions, but they all have to go through forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning.

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  • Without the adequate team and tools to fulfill the needs of a well planned project, I truly believe that it is not wise or even honest to take such a risk that most likely it will lead to disappointing losses of time, effort, money, and credibility.

  • Each member of the project team must be always aware of the challenges from start to end, and hence each member must have the tadequate skills and experience to adhere and fulfill his role, with full commitment, coordination, and cooperation with the related team members.

  • Project team is a group of people who are implementing the project plan from start to end according to the demands of all project stakeholders within the applied rules and conditions.

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  • When your students feel and trust that you are their sponsor and guide to successful future then they will be your friends not only students and you can share with them some personal issues and social interactions within the limits of mutual respect and appreciation.

  • For teaching in Engineering fields, task based assessment and feedback analysis is the most applicable with high benefiting levels.
    The main teacher's mission is to exercise his students how to understand and apply the conceptual knowledge instead of memorizing, then keep supporting them on their ascending track.
    The teacher must always utilize the simplest...

  • I usually use:
    Many short open source tests,
    Reading assignments with briefing reports, and
    Teamwork research reports.

  • I believe in providing a supportive feedback to all my students, with further discussions and explanations for weak points and common advices and applicable recommendations for better understanding and performance. For some special cases I usually go for more support in private without mentioning names so that all students can benefit from the feedback.

  • I believe in continuous assessment by short open source tests and with practical reports and open seminars rather than classic major exams. The main idea is to achieve the course outcomes with really laid down concepts and techniques.
    I also believe in applying variable levels of assessment tasks from basic knowledge to challenging ideas, with careful...

  • Assessments are made meaningful and constructive by taking into consideration the targeted outcomes and applying assessment methods which are compatible with the general perfonce level of the students with updated information and techniques. Feedbacks are made meaningful and constructive by applying real analysis and providing suitable mitigations for the...

  • As an online learning student I would select "distractions and competing priorities" since we are not experiencing a pure Teaching/Learning environment and hence so many other issues are intervening in such a negative way that affects my interaction and performance levels as a student.

  • I am intending to keep on the same teaching policy, with the flexibility to adopt and integrate any new ideas that would enhance the ongoing process in any valuable aspect or would improve the learning outcomes for the students.

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  • Linear approach is best applicable for simple and short-term projects or project phases. Iterative approach is to be applied for large scale projects which are usually long term projects with high requirements and interrelated phases.

  • In the project planning phase, the details of cost estimates for any project must include a reasonable margin of risks that at least can cover all types of uncertainties throughout the project's life. For abnormal and volatile conditions, if things goes beyond the predefined negative predictions, the project management team has to activate "Plan B" or, if not...

  • Yes as I mentioned in my previous post, the project management team must have a flexible performance skills and dynamic planning experience in order to be able to overcome all the challenges and uncertainties.