Jesus Diaz

Jesus Diaz

I am painter, poet and nautical cartographer.
I love the history.

Location bogota


  • @InekeFioole, Ineke the professor Nira shared on 6 May a link to the document that mentions Uushgyn Ovo

  • @InekeFioole
    Ineke I full agree with you, we should never have left the caves.
    But....winds of war are circulating in various places around the world, I'm sure that the Dutch general's prediction will not come true, I prefer to return to the oracle of Delphi, so that the Pythia can tell me what the future of humanity will be.

  • @MaryR @InekeFioole
    Mary, I don't know Eric Ravilious, but I will investigate his work.

  • @SusanO'Connor
    Susan, Humanity owes many things to the horse. I believe that if the horse had not existed, we would not be discussing this topic now, perhaps we would still be living in caves.

  • @InekeFioole @MaryR
    Ineke, Ronald Maddox, he was the painter of the"Industrial Revolution" his watercolours are stunning

  • @SueC
    The steppes allow us to meet again, it is very nice to see you again.

  • @MaryR @InekeFioole
    Mary Sometimes FL provides us with the beautiful surprise of finding our unforgettable friends.

  • @InekeFioole
    Ineke, is very nice to see you here and enjoying your interesting comments

  • @NiraRamachandran
    I would like to be in the observation deck
    and appreciate the infinite steppes
    that one day Genghis Khan ruled
    that man in front of me.
    and feel the spirit of conquest from him,
    because he conquered my spirit.

  • @MaryR Thanks Mary, as you know, I always see objects under my poetic vision.

  • These images changed my idea about the landscape of Mongolia, there really are fantastic places, the equestrian statue of Genghis Khan sees in ecstasy the same lands that he ruled.

  • @NiraRamachandran
    @YvonneWilliams @SueC @MaryR

    Fig. 7. Uushgyn Ovor. "Deer stone detail 14, showing a singing or chanting face, possibly shamanic", I think he may be calling to the lost deers in the steppes..

  • @MaryR
    Mary, was an unforgettable day, July 20th 2003

  • Mary , Very lovely your link of Stonehenge, thanks

  • @MaryR I'm fully agree with you.

  • @NiraRamachandran
    Not only are they spectacular, they are magnificent, thank you for this valuable information.

  • @NiraRamachandran
    Professor, as you know, we find monuments all over the world with important people riding horses, but no monument has been made to the horse. I think this noble animal deserves its monument.

  • Thank you professor for sharing this interesting article, I did not know about the existence of horses before the arrival of the Spanish, in the future researchers will confirm why horses became extinct in the new world.

  • @SueC
    It is a beautiful surprise to find you here to enjoy your comments

  • @NiraRamachandran
    Thank you professor for your kind information, mules, horses and donkeys are definitely the best allies of our farmers. I remember a friend who really liked to drink on Sundays and his horse would take him to his house located in the mountains.

  • @MaryR.
    The nomadic life is the life of freedom and avoiding being part of the consumer society helps prevent us from continuing to contaminate this planet.

  • @MaryR @NiraRamachandran.@JenniferC

    Mary, Thanks for share this lovely video

  • @NiraRamachandran.
    In Colombia, bullock carts are not common, instead the horses are very common in the rural areas, the farmers use donkeys this animal is very appreciate, the celebrate the festival of the donkeys
    The Festival is celebrated every year in San Antero, a small town located in the north, in the month of March by farmers, who highlight the...

  • @JenniferC , Jennifer you right

  • @MaryR . Very important information

  • @NiraRamachandran, Thank you very much for your information, this course allows us to know the different ways to mobilize in many regions around the world.

  • @JenniferC hi Jennifer, is very nice to read your interesting comments here, thanks for your observation, yes we have many regions were only the way of mobilization is the horse and in other regions is the canoe, or the airplane for example in the Amazon jungle.

  • @MaryR That is the terrible reality that this tribe endures now

  • @MaryR
    Mary the autumn leaves are beautiful, their colors are fantastic

  • Mary very important to conserve these old machines is an important historical age and that the many years have converted an work arts, I remember English watercolour artist Maddox who painted the old mills of the country of the XIX century.

  • @MaryR You right Mary, until a few years we had a tribe called Nukak, who are nomads, due our conflict now they live in some areas in the amazon jungle

  • @MaryR
    Our farmers still use horses to get around, because in many regions there are no roads.

  • @MaryR
    Humanity owes the horse many goals achieved since the times of the nomads.

  • @NiraRamachandran
    based in your idea: "When the Spaniard initially brought horses and horseback riding what kind of changes what kind of new inventions it brought to the Native American societies" , I incluid nest consideration: the american aborigen believed that the horse and the horse rider were one person, and this concept influid in...

  • @MaryR
    This will be fascinating course, for the the virtual nomads of the XXI century. Thanks Mary for suggest this incredible adventure.

  • Jesus Diaz made a comment

    Thanks for this marvelous course

  • Is very complicated to evaluate the conduct of Davy in this time, but we can remember that in this years William Wilberforce and Thomas Clarkson were fight against the slavery and no was a clandestine action was very public, developed inthe parliament

  • Davy lamp, only genius can imaginate a simple solution for a big problem

  • those mines were hell

  • I have been a lectures about poetry and I enjoyed these conferences the kind of language are elegant and metaphoric and I love the poetry.

  • Watercolor is the most exigent technique

  • The poetry is the chemical of the literature, when the poet writes a poem, merge his inspiration produce another poetic creation