Eimy Vanegas

Eimy Vanegas

Hi, My name is Eimy Vanegas. I am 20 Years old. I am from Colombia and I love to learn.


  • 1. Incomplete statement
    2. Happiness
    3. Question
    4. Sadness
    5. Statement
    6. Doubt

  • In my opinion, He had some fails in grammar, but in second attempt I think he improved it

  • Education is the most important thing people have. It should be accesible for all social clases in the world. Namely, Education should be cheap or free to poor families.

  • In my opinion he do it very well in both of the attempts but in the second attempt he organized better their ideas.

  • I think Camilo Makes it much better in the second attempt. He increased the coherence in the sentences

  • Yes, It's so hard for me. Because sometimes, talking in my first languages for 2 minutes at a time is a little difficult. I can't imagine in English.

  • This tips are very useful. Thank you so much

  • My mom will drop by the glasses she forgot this morning.

    Today I get my certification. I am walking on air.

  • I think she sounds more natural in improved attempt. She improved the vocabulary and she used fillers.

  • She have improved his vocabulary and lexical recourses. So, I learn to look for new vocabulary to express what I want to say. Also, I think I can see for a better order in my sentences.

  • Ohh. Thanks. Now I understand. ☺️

  • Usually, I make the same mistake. I use ”it” when is not necessary. For example:

    Bogota it’s beautiful.

  • Fluency and she has less self-correction

  • I think my strengths is the grammar in the sentences. My weaknesses is the vocabulary and fluency

  • Hello everyone. I am Eimy. I am from Colombia. I like to listen music and dance every kind of music. I Haven't taken the IELTS test ever and I would like to do a good job improving my speaking skills for the test and for life. Thank you.