Yun-yin Huang

Yun-yin Huang

Passionate & curious.

Instructional designer, Lecturer, Teacher trainer, HEA fellow.

Location Taiwan


  • Hi I'm Yun-yin from Taiwan. I'm teaching research writing at a graduate level. I'd like to refine my teaching practice and learn more evidence-based methods to do just that from this course.

  • I jumped on the bandwagon of technologies since the early 90s and I've been delighted by the growth and development of educational techs. Of course sometimes the results of the implementation of tech in class did not yield satisfactory outcomes, yet I do believe there are better designs, like HOW the tech can be used in teaching practice so to bring more...

  • I tried using Google doc for peer review on writing tasks, so that students would be able to read and review each other's writing, without the hassle of print copies, marking, and unrecognizable handwriting. My students loved it, given a longer time for reading (leading to better comments) and the writers can also receive more timely feedback.

  • I'm an assistant professor of the Language Center of my institution in Taiwan. I'm responsible for graduate EFL courses. I've adopted synchronous Google meet last semester given the COVID-19 pandemic. The results and students' feedback for this new way of learning is not too bad but I know there's room for improvement. Therefore, I join this course for more...