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Francisco Roldán

I'm a language teacher & travel blogger, I do love the world where I live and I intend to discover it through the language, the people, the culture.

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  • My experience on this course was very satisfied, this course was more that I was expecting I think, the useful flashcards, short conversations with audios, the videos related to the topics of the week, exercises very challenging, and interesting facts about Norway, this course has everything a new learner needs in order to discover such an interesting and...

  • I found myself a bit in trouble with the indefinite and definite form of nouns, of course I need to practise more, I just find it as a challenge, the rest just find, even the pronunciation I don't find it that hard.

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    Jeg er født fjerde October nittennittiseks (:

  • It was very challenging this last quiz, 12 parts and each part with a lot of things to do, fortunately, there was a good introduction with videos and excellent explanation in articles so I wasn't so worried to give a try and see how it goes. :)

  • Jeg skal studere norsk i dag. :D

  • Tusen takk! :D

  • I personally use brainscape, it's an application very useful to create your own flashcards so you can edit them or study them in computer, phone and tablet at your own pace and times.

  • Jeg heter Francisco, og du? :)

  • I do love the flashcards, It's my practise of everyday !

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    I'm so happy because I upgraded this course, so useful information and now with the certificate it can be a good support so my students are aware that I have some knowledges about teaching online. :D

  • I'm so thankful with this course and everyone who make this course to be a real thing, thanks a lot! I just can't believe now I'm full of tools to apply with my students, I was using the same tools for all my students but now I just can share more with them.

  • I think you need to get an upgrade if you want the certificate, in fact there's a promo code given by FutureLearn so you can get 30% of discount until December 3rd thanks to #blackfriday. ;D

  • Can you please advise a bit further about the terms and conditions? I found this topic quite important at the time to have some stablished rules, so the student is aware of what to do or don't, how to schedule the sessions and when is the best time for it, I'm in the best disposition to teach and I want respect for the time I give to teach and to be ready for...

  • This is very important to take into account, considering that sometimes we ignore this sort of policies.

  • For my students I've been using the official one of Cambridge and it's quite good because it show the potential level that the student has and also the score, with this measure I can determine in which level my student can start.

  • I'm speechless! Here it's the answer to my problems! I sometimes have some issues with a couple of students who reschedule our classes quite often, and I don't mind at all, but they even do that a couple of hours before, which is quite frustrating because I can spend that time for other things but nothing, now with this advise about terms and conditions in a...

  • I agree, social media has a huge impact nowadays, therefore, it's important to have presence there and to be clear about what is offered.

  • I'm impressed with all the information provided, I just think about my following lessons with all those tools and I'm very excited ! :D

  • It's so sad that this course is about to end, I've learned a lot of tips and resources online that I can apply as soon as possible to my lessons, I'm so thankful with all the people responsible to bring this course to this community.

  • I do love "Write & Improve" my favourite here because most of my learners are adults.

  • I've had exactly that scenario with my students, when a student speaks and I notice a mistake I immediately want to correct that specific mistake and it can be much better to wait until the turn of my student is over so then I can show which mistakes were taking place and to ask to the student to correct them :)

  • I'm so thankful with all the information provided, it was very useful for real, just to know about all the tools and ideas that I can use in my classroom as soon as possible! :D

  • Wow my favourite one from here was the lyrics game, the best! :D

  • It's amazing the areas we can explore when we talk about listening skills development in class, totally agree with the video.

  • I do prefer the ones found in Cambridge Assessment, very useful and according to each level! :D

  • 1. TL <
    2. TH <
    3. TL <
    4. TL <
    5. TH <
    6. TL <

    I have all right :DD I think with this exercise I'm more confident.

  • It's so useful this conversation, I think sometimes I struggle when to share with my students the texts in class or to give that text as homework in order to check together some activities about that specific text, now with this explanation I have the clear idea of what to do.

  • Teaching online brings new possibilities to us as educators, I think we can get advantage of all the tools we have at our disposition online, we just need to take a look and check what can be useful for our purposes.

  • It was so helpful for real, I just didn't think some of those solutions for groups, because sometimes it can be quite challenging to keep the students to participate in the classes.

  • Which platform feature(s) do you think you would exploit the most? How?

    I think I would like to give a try to breakout rooms, it sounds quite interesting thing to do, also the interactive whiteboard, I'll implement them in my lessons!

  • I had to move away to an area where I couldn’t find teaching work in
    local schools and also I wanted something flexible and which fits with my schedule, plus I do enjoy teaching.

  • I do prefer to teach teenagers and adults who study and/or work, I want to teach learners in my own country and also around the world, and I prefer to have my own business.

  • I'm so excited about this course! :D

  • I'm so thankful with those articles, they were so amazing with lots of details and important information about Norway, in my country we don't know anything about the Scandinavian countries, so this is the first time I read about Norwegian history!

    Tusen takk!

  • Answering the questions above, in my country Mexico we count with more than 80 indigenous languages (mixteco, olmeca, maya, náhuatl, etc) spoken by minorities in some far regions from the cities, they can be in mountains and so, those indigenous languages are not taught at school so easy.

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    Tusen takk!! :DD

  • Hei! Jeg heter Francisco, og jeg kommer fra Mexico. Jeg er meksikansk.
    Hyggelig å hilse på deg!

    Hva heter du? Og hvor kommer du fra? ;D

  • God dag! Jeg heter Francisco Roldan.
    Hyggelig å hilse på deg!

  • I love the flashcards, so useful! :D

    Tusen Takk!

  • I've visited France for about a month and even if I had some knowledges in French the beginning was a bit challenging, it's just question to start to try even if there are some mistakes in the process, it's ok!

  • I do recommend you tandem as an additional application to practise your Norwegian skills with native speakers, this community is quite friendly and helpful. :)

  • I would love to visit Norway someday, to see those wonderful lights in the sky, to meet some nice Norwegians and even to visit the amazing nature there!

  • What has been the most rewarding part of the four weeks?
    I can say it was the grammar section and lots of quizzes about topics that we saw in previous course and this course, very useful!

    What would be your top recommendations for the learners in the next group?
    Be constant and play the videos as many times as you may need in order to understand at...

  • I would love to learn more about how to create some texts in Norwegian with the proper order and using all the learned topics, adverbs, prepositions and so.

  • I found very useful the article and quiz of prepositions, my challenge was when the part where I had to write a text in Norwegian, I was in white!

  • So sad this is the last course made by UiO, I really enjoyed the course 1 and 2, a really fresh and innovative way to teach Norwegian and I love it!