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Karen O

I'm a senior (quite senior) who has always loved history. Didn't go to college until I was in my late 60s, majored in History, and always interested in learning more.

Location Oregon, U.S.


  • @RebeccaGowland Got another one yesterday. Strange. Well, I'm only doing these courses for myself, so no problem, but wondering why...

  • @FionaJohnston Thanks, Fiona. These courses have kept me sane, for sure. I have been to Wales, by the way. Such a beautiful place.

  • By the way, I finished this course but keep getting reminders to finishing it. Not sure who to notify about this...

  • Not too difficult to understand people believing in witches in this time period. Most of the population was uneducated, and anyone who was different - looked different, sounded different, acted different, would have been under suspicion. I spent a lot of time in San Francisco and New York in the 1960s. Just about every looked, sounded, acted different... ...

  • Possibly a strict mother trying to get a lazy daughter to do some chores, possibly a sister jealous of a brother, possibly someone offering trinkets or whatever to entice her to give this testimony. These were rough times, so anything could have been attractive to a very young, hungry, possibly vengeful child.

  • I talk to my dogs all day... hopefully no one is misinterpreting this behind my back.

  • Well, I can see there's a forest between Barley and Whalley Abbey... so difficult traveling through there in those days... but I lived in Colorado for much of my life, and our roads go through mountains, so I know that can be done in later days so not sure why there's not direct routes throughBarley and Whalley nowadays.

    From Pendle Hill to Lancaster...

  • That map was difficult and misleading. Especially for my 78 year old eyes. Gisburn looked further away than the Samlesbury places.... but I finally got it right. Need to go take a nap and rest my eyes.

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    Interesting week. Lots of additional documents to review, so doing a lot of that.

  • I find I learn as much (sometimes more) from the comments of the other students and staff than I learn in the actual lesson itself. I have little to contribute since my knowledge level of these times is close to 'nil', but it does help in the benefit from these classes.

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    These exercises do not 'work' on my laptop, but I printed the PDF and did it that way. 2 out of 3, not bad.

  • Did all the religious houses pay a ransom to keep their properties safe? Well, just like now (with the Vatican), they had enormous wealth and could do that. Henry VIII would take care of most of their wealth later on...

  • As I mentioned in my last post, I have had a great interest in John of Gaunt... and found him a fascinating person, well-rounded, very capable of 'leading' and mostly admired by those around him. I also have read a considerable amount about Richard III and long ago decided for myself that he did not have the nephews in the Tower killed. (I suspect that was...

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    I spent a lot of time after listening to this section... thinking about it, and in my mind I imagined Scotland to be much closer to Lancaster than my review of several maps suggest. Difficult to believe Scottish troops made that trip.. Certainly Lancaster looks like a strategic coastline, but those sands look to be a major problem. Even now....

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    Well, since I am from Eugene, Oregon, USA... none of those names were familiar to me in anyway, but it's interesting to see some of still used.

  • The vastly different sizes of the hoards indicates vastly different purposes (in my mind at least). The Cuerdale Hoard seems like it might be the spoils of a large group of Vikings, put somewhere for safe-keeping with the intent to come back and collect at a later date. We'll never know why they didn't return for it, obviously. The Huxley hoard sounds like...

  • Reading all the comments helped tremendously in greater understanding of this section... It seems obvious to me that one could study this particular timespan of 500 years and not cover all the changes in power, allegiances, battles, and land control. Just the 10 notes/time periods specified left multitudes of time periods that were likely very important,...

  • Well, I had them in the wrong order, but it was interesting to review the correct order.

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    Fascinating. Professor Shotter appears to have been a person I would have enjoyed many hours of discussion with about coins, or history in general. I'm sure his loss is felt by many.

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    No idea the empire covered all this area. Interesting.

  • Definitely a connection between the two timelines provided in PDF formats. Work on the fort seemed to escalate when the Romans were fighting amongst themselves and busy elsewhere.

  • I am joining late also... but since it's just for my information and enjoyment, I don't expect that to be a problem. All of ancient and medieval England is of interest, and this sounds like it goes into the near past. Should be interesting.

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    Simply... very interesting.

  • Darn interesting course.

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    Not proven.

  • Forensic science is certainly useful - and in many cases, critical, to settle a case... and it appears to be constantly involving into something even more definitive over time.

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    Definitely found this week interesting, and disturbing, since my grandson takes drugs for ADHD and now I'm wondering if they're helping or hurting him. Need to do some research on that. Also have a different idea in my mind about the murder of Mrs. Ward... wrote down my thoughts and will see if I'm right when this class is over.

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    Doesn't seem sufficient... but truthfully, how the heck would I know. This week on drugs is interesting, but I am still in way over my head as far as specifics.

  • Cannabis seems to be as common as drinking beer in the US right now. Scary.

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    Is Cannabis still illegal in the UK? It is certainly legal with common usage here in most of the US. I live in OR... I can buy it in a place right next to my grocery store (although I don't... really, don't). Methinks I protest too much?

  • Interesting way to summarize the topics covered, and their importance and significance. Liked that.

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    I pretty much explained why I was taking this course in 1.1... so won't go into it again. (Don't want to bore anyone.)

  • The first sentence cleared up my confusion between archeology and forensic science (past vs. present).

  • Greetings from Eugene, OR, USA. I am a senior trying to keep my mind occupied during this Covid pandemic and isolation, so I have taken quite a few courses in the past year and a half. History has always been my passion, and those courses have been enjoyable, but I'm finding Archeology, Anthropology, and Forensic Science courses to be a bit related and very...

  • The plot thickens... by this time we probably all have an idea in our head as to what happened... and I wonder how many of us are correct. We'll find out, before too long.

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    One of the best courses I've taken (and I've taken quite a few). Thank you.

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    Maybe (probably) others have different opinions on this, but I have no problem with my DNA being on record, permanently. Such incidents like the condo collapse in Florida seem to make it obvious that having available DNA samples makes identification quicker in such cases... and other incidents also.

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    I have all these ingredients in the house, but think I will wait until my grandson visits and we'll do it together. I think he'll be interested in this experiment also.

  • My head is spinning. Need to look at this video a couple of times to understand a bit more.

  • Yikes. Certainly made it clear how little I knew (or understood) about all of this. I still don't know much, but I know a tiny bit more at least.

  • Definitely looking forward to seeing what the BPA determines in the case we're looking at.

  • I am disappointed that I can't take the tests without upgrading - which has not been the case with most of the other FutureLearn classes I've taken. I am interested in finding out what I'm retaining, but as a senior on a very limited income, I can't justify the expense to pay that extra fee. Darn.

    This class is more interesting than watching CSI on TV......

  • Well, I spent far too much time on this exercise because it was great fun. I did all the fingers on my right hand, twice (only my right hand because I spent the morning gardening, and my left hand looks like I was in a major battle). The first time I concentrated too much on the tips and not the pads. Looking at the pads enabled me to see the pattern more...