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  • Sarah thank you for taking part <3 The change journey is just beginning!

  • Laura thank you for this incredible feedback! I am so happy that the course has made this impact on you! Thank you so taking part! Please do keep in touch and let us know how you get on in your change agent journey! Woo hoo you did it!

  • Woo hoo! Please keep in touch and let us know what you get up too!

  • Love this Valerie! I can feel the energy buzzing in this comment!

  • Thank YOU Kamila! Please do keep in touch and let us know where your change agent journey takes you!

  • Thank you Gemma! What amazing feedback! The skies the limit!

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  • This is incredible Trudy! Thank you for your feedback and please do keep in touch and let us know how you get on!

  • Thank you Sue! This is such a wonderful comment and please do let us know how the course helps you on your change making plans!

  • Thank you for taking part! See you next week!

  • This is wonderful Rachel!

  • This is a spot on reflection David!

  • @JonIllingworth Fantastic point Jon. In the coming weeks we speak with Alex from Be more pirate who says when things are uncomfortable that's when real change happens!

  • Exactly! One is not necessarily better than the other - both are useful and have their place but it certainly makes me understand things a little bit better!

  • I really interesting point Becky. In the next week we talk about your concerns and also how we can be change agents whilst keeping well ourselves. I hope it helps you on your journey.

  • It is such an eye opener for sure!

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    She is the best!

  • Love this Natasha! Watch this space is one of my favourite comments - we certainly will and don't forget to share with us what you get up to!

  • OO excellent thanks for sharing Denise!

  • Love this reflection Sharon!!! I never thought about the view of pirates in terms of the true story being hidden due to old power ways!

  • It is such a fabulous way of thinking isn't it!

  • Beautifully put Erika!

  • They're great tools!

  • Such an excellent point! One size does not fit all! Dr Priya and team proved that you can just do it!

  • Hi Jonathan welcome to the course! Fantastic to have you involved! In week 3 you'll hear from one of your fellow amazing Ambassadors!

  • Welcome Naomi - wow your masters project sounds incredible!

  • Welcome Felix! Hope you enjoy the course!

  • I think this is my fave reaction! And one very similar to my own! You can hear more from Esther on the S4CA Agents Assemble podcast:

  • Love this analogy Ash! I'll take a bus pass please!

  • Hi Anya, yes this is a brilliant reflection. Recently on a visit to Blackpool Hospitals trust they talked about the same staffing issues. It would be excellent to hear more about the deep end project?

  • Bola is EPIC! Wow your work sounds incredible Charlotte and links to some upcoming work that the Solving Together team in NHS England will be embarking on! I will be sure to connect you!

  • Joseph I completely agree when we put it into facts and numbers it really is terrifying and moving. But totally agree that this should galvanise us to make that difference and make change happen.

  • Fantastic reflection Keith

  • I love this! I think our team need to try this!

  • Hi Ash so sorry about that here is the link again: it may be that you need to try another web browser so maybe switch from chrome to edge or vise versa. Hope that helps

  • Claire thank you so much for sharing this is such a beautiful reflection that I know many people will be feeling the same as you. Thank you!

  • Anya & Elizabeth this is fantastic! Change is starting already!

  • Fantastic Sarah! So glad you enjoyed week one and are grabbing the resources!

  • Love this honest reflection Claire. The whole picture is overwhelming but starting small is key. If everyone does one small thing the difference could be huge!

  • Totally agree Sarah she is so inspiring and amazing!

  • Love this Anya! Hope you have an amazingly fulfilling experience!

  • Welcome Alex fantastic to have you join from across the pond! Love the quote in the course Alex from be more pirate delves into getting comfortable in the uncomfortable!