Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith is the Director of Advice Services, Education and Public Affairs, and is the Director behind the ACNC’s eLearning program. She’s been with the ACNC since it started.

Location Melbourne, Australia


  • this one might be better in the course that covers governing documents and registration I think

  • clear policies and procedures
    risk management plan
    always do due diligence with partners and providers engaged and set clear expectations
    lead by example

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    Ask to see documentation about the charities strategic direction/business plan
    Have there been any serious issues in recent years? How were they managed?
    Do they have a risk management process, how does it work?
    what time commitment is required?
    how does the board evaluate its performance?

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    Internal disputes, complaints, reputational damage, scrutiny by the regulator

  • Hello everyone. I'm excited to see our first e-learning course and look forward to your frank and fearless feedback on our work.

  • family, freedom, friends

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    Every walk in nature makes me happy

  • Have been big changes this year and some very stressful months recently, but despite that QoL is pretty good as I am lucky to have a good network of friends, a job I enjoy and I live in a beautiful place that enables me to indulge my creative interests

  • 3.5 for me