Janet Law

Janet Law

Part of The Sustainable Angle Team, working closely with suppliers and managing the material database. Course facilitator on the The Sustainable Angle's Future Learn courses.


  • Janet Law made a comment

    Apologies to all regarding the timeline graphic, due to the size of it, it gets compressed when uploaded. We are working on an alternative which will be in the next run of the course. Please keep an eye out for it.
    Thank you for your patience.

  • Yes unfortunately, there isn't an updated version. Many countries in Africa has banned the import of donations for this reason. On a micro level, in charity shops near me - they state they don't want donations from certain fast fashion brands as they can't price it cheaper then these brands once you factor in the overheads. During the pandemic certain fast...

  • Apologies, fixed now. It is also a reminder of the timeline step 1.7.
    Thank you for flagging up.