Tim van Zutphen

Tim van Zutphen

I'm a lecturer at Campus Fryslân, University of Groningen, the Netherlands. I'm interested in the role of lifestyle in health and disease with a particular interest in food and nutrition.

Location the Netherlands


  • Should the guidelines be advertised better or in a different way?

  • Would percentages of recommended amounts or so help?

  • Evidence on the optimal balance between fat and carbohydrates is indeed accumulating, however there's also just as much criticism on a low carb high fat diet:
    If you stick to a healthy plate with 50% vegetables, there will always be some...

  • Is the general public aware of the Eatwell guide?

  • @MelodyMcMath Is the awareness about the consequences of this trend on health and the healthcare system starting to increase or not so much yet?

  • Thank you for sharing. Any idea why the numbers in children are almost the same as in adults?

  • Totally agree that this is not only a medical issue, but very much a public health one as well. But shouldn't doctors as "authorities on health" still be at the forefront of a battle that we need to face with all the domains together?

  • The government should indeed be an important stakeholder, I agree. But could the medical professional as an authority on health not still be an important player in making a change? Isn't especially the general practitioner also responsible to support the community?

  • Valid points indeed. How do you think we could reverse that trend if there is no longer a need for those walks to the market and fatty or sugary alternatives for unprocessed food products?

  • Wouldn't the bargains also be an opportunity to eat seasonal products that may be more sustainable?

  • Would you say that education by itself is enough or is it merely the first step?

  • What could other learn from how you got over it?

  • Is thee already some impact from the action plan?

  • Do the guidelines also help in maintaining enough variation?

  • Would it be possible to cook a healthy dish in South Africa with a very small budget?

  • Could it really be that people don't realize?

  • Thank you for the UK overview!
    The 4.2 global average keeps on popping up after Ruth Lawrence published it in 1994, however it is much lower:

  • Interesting that you see playing volleyball as an argument to maintain a healthy diet. There are also people that see it as an excuse to eat a lot of sweets! Is it to stimulate recovery after exercise?

  • Role models such as Rashford and Ronaldo (with the water) seem to create more impact than medical professionals. Maybe the two worlds should team up!

  • Apparently other organizations such as the city should get involved as well to keep the burger shops away from the schools?

  • This program is indeed also implemented at the school nearby where I live. Should parents get involved in such programs?

  • Is the combination of regulations by schools with parents still providing the way to go you by your opinion?

  • Only 1 in 2 isn't that low actually, at least not for the period 3-6 months after birth. Nevertheless the underlying environmental issues are very relevant

  • Indeed I agree that the numbers are pretty low. Is 3 months around the time that many women go back to work?

  • Thank you for adding these interesting findings! If human milk contains these contaminants, wouldn't cow milk-derived products have them too?

  • Thank you for adding the ones from Portugal and Ecuador with its additional dimensions!

  • The base is indeed a heavily debated topic of the pyramid in many countries. Are wholegrain products specifically mentioned?

  • Would you say it is a smart choice to take the local customs into account?

  • Is there still some awareness of the products that used to be seasonal or not anymore after everything became available throughout the year?

  • so well organized, impressive!

  • How do you prevent from falling into the trap of eating the same?

  • Did you learn how to eat healthy as well from your mother or did you develop this pattern by yourself?

  • Smart strategy and also a sustainable one to follow the season!

  • Sorry to hear about your brother.
    Your awareness of micronutrient deficiencies seems to be well above average!

  • Many people tend to stick to the same products I guess out of habit. How would you break out of this in a structural manner after getting the information that you need?

  • well done such a variety in your diet!

  • @EliseMann very insightful picture of the underlying issues that need to be addressed as well to enable an healthy lifestyle!

  • Totally agree that much needs to be done. Where would you start?

  • What should the government aim for to prevent childhood obesity? Schools, parents?

  • We can all learn a lot about a healthy lifestyle from Japan with its emphasis on the traditional diets!

  • The numbers in children on obesity are already at the level of the adults, completely agree that this is disturbing and parents need to get involved. What about schools?

  • Getting the parents involved sounds like a sensible strategy wouldn't you say so?

  • Totally agree that we got a wake-up call for the obesity pandemic by Covid-19!