marienta gago

marienta gago

I'm a French teacher and I'm just having fun building my English. Thank you Future learn for this free courses.

Location Ciudad Guayana - A forgotten city of this century


  • GREAT !!!!

  • Thanks to this tool is easier to determine de faults during planing. For exemple : I had to split this first lesson plan into two lessons because its too much information for level A1

  • Hello dear colleages , this is my lesson plan


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    EXCELENT !!!

  • EXCELENT !!!!

  • @AnnaClaraLottiSouto So let’s say my objective is that I want you to take me seriously. How I go about that might vary from to scare, to comfort, to appeal or to amaze. There are any number of possibilities– –and each one will make you approach your objective in a different way. The objective is the same but your behavior changes.

  • An active verb is a clear action that involves doing something to someone with the purpose of affecting them in some way.

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    TEACHING YOUNG LEARNERS ONLINE it's the best course ever. I am very grateful to the British Council

  • the word EMBRASSER in french has two meanings in spanish : to kiss (besar) and to embrace (abrazar)


  • Hello Ms Laurillard,

    This course is the practical solution to all the theory I had to study during my master fle (french as a foreign language), like the TRIANGLE DE HOUSAYE + Théorie générale de la recherche en didactique des langues-cultures. Essai by Christian Puren

    In another course of FUTURE LEARN I had not understood the usefulness of the LEARNER...

  • Clear and dark L = that's NEW =))))

  • SOCRATIVE and FORMATIVE : are very usefull

    With FORMATIVE, you can integrate a video and make questions about the content

  • SOCRATIVE and FORMATIVE : are very usefull

    With FORMATIVE, you can integrate a video and make questions about the content

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  • The course of miracle : it's free on internet

  • Tina Turner !!!


  • while i'm listening to a student, I write down the correct forms of the errors the students make
    I don't write down their errors
    at the end we practice the good way (I'm a french teacher)

    and it's impossible for a human being to correct by himself all at once
    maybe the most important errors during an immediate error correction


  • Amazing! Thank you Mr. Tulip


  • A) One sunny day, Emma decided to hike to the beautiful Skippers Pass.
    (E) After walking a short distance, she stopped for a drink.
    (I) Then she rang her father and told him she would be home after hiking.
    (G) Emma saw Sophie sitting on a rock.
    (B) Sophie invited Emma to go to the swimming hole and she agreed.
    (C) When they arrived at the swimming hole,...

  • I think this topic is very useful in online courses but on Instagram nobody cares. I've seen very rude comments. Everything is going so fast. People don't stop to give their opinion. That is what I've seen.

  • This is not new for me. I've strugled a lot with a past research online. I have to develop my critical thinking and as there is a wider range of sources in English, I must make a effort to read all these sources. That would be the things I'll do differently.

    I could look for online tools to help me with the note taking.

  • The most useful types of sources are the ones that come from my fellow researchers that have faced the same research question in their work field.

    What do you hope to find in your searches? The eLearning and the effective teaching tools

  • very useful

  • How would you describe your current approach to online research? I spent an enormous amount of time searching and not always judging properly want I found. By the end of this course, I would like to develop an effective technique as well to develop a critical thinking in this topic.

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    I'm a French professor and I would like to conduct my own research plan. I'm concerned about developping autonomy tools for my students. Is there a way to conduct a research without being forced to continually go backwards in order to continually reorganise. Can we go calmly towards the final goal? I finished a one year project without having a good...

  • Hello Mr. Henry Reece (Chief Executive of OUP (2004))
    Which bookshop do you prefer, the small ones?
    What do you think about people reading e-books?
    When are people stop reading paper books?
    Where are you working now? In 2004, you were in London.
    Who is on the top of the BBC's current BIG READ?

    Could you tell us if Amazon affected the book trade in...

  • I almost never fill a paper form. I do that online.

  • I ate lunch

  • I'm Annie. I'm an American portrait photographer. I did a lot of unconventional shots of celebrities. There is one of Demi Moore pregnant. I didn't know that this photo was going to be a sensational cover.
    On week- ends , I love painting but I don't have any wish to be doing anything else than photography. (Speak up 1993).

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    He relaxed on Sunday

  • Like everybody on Earth, he misses his family and friends.

  • He had covid because he didn't respect the lockdown rules

  • Did you decide to keep photography extremely simple?
    Did they give you more than fifteen minutes?
    Did you know that it was going to be a special cover?

  • Annie did not stop in La Paz in 1994. She was touring Europe.
    She didn't learn to photograph in a conventional way.
    Keith Richards did not look directly into the camera.
    Speak up magazine - 1993

  • I went to Ireland. There is a new high-speed ship so it took me 1 hour 50 minutes to get there. The trip started in Holyhead (Wales) and finished in Dun Laoghaire (Ireland). It was very sunny and people were so happy because Covid had just disapeard from the planet.

  • Mo went to a wedding and Nadia worked a lot. Next week end , they could go to Windsor Castle . It is free if they buy the Great British Heritage Pass (1993). Women work a lot at home these days. Next week end, Mo will cook some tasty food for the family so Nadia could have a different week-end.

  • I'm Ms. Annie Leibovitz and today I'm taking photos for ROLLING STONE magazine (1975).

    Today , I'm in Milan. There is an exhibition of my one hundred and forty-five photos (1994).

  • Hello! I'm Marienta. I come from Macondo, a forgotten country of the seventeenth century. I love to study English in my free time.

  • This course is about to finish for me.
    Sadly, my English level doesn’t allow me to write poetry. If there is a second edition, I will certainly come back.
    Therefore, I was very happy unfolding all the material that was accurately presented here by the professors of the University of York. Thank you all. I’m very grateful.

    Using authentic resources in teaching/learning foreign language could be the right starting point with these taxonomies. First, the teacher has to “Adapt the task, not the text.”

    Second: Many tasks could be adapted to one of the texts that...

    In teaching/learning foreign languages, there is the action-oriented approach, which is focused on accomplishing a task rather than attaining a linguistic perfection. The task is related to the real life like organising a party or agreeing on the best restaurant in the city. Students are...

  • @KonstantinaIoannou Thank you very much!!! I'm delighted to discover in English all these amazing sources of knowledge. I would say that they are much more profuse than in French.

  • I'M STILL LOOKING FOR THIS ANSWER: What ways have you found that are effective in developing students resilience, and self-belief? But I could say the following:

    Teachers must develop first their resilience and self-belief because they “are planting trees under whose shade they'll never sit” It is the nature of this profession that there is no tangible...

  • The books I read during the first lockdown, last year (march 2020), were the first three books of CARLOS CASTANEDA: The Teachings of Don Juan, A Separate Reality and Journey to Ixtlan. After this books, the world doesn't seem the same. Castaneda knows how to hypnotize the reader with his simple writing. I would like to know if these books are better in English...

    Before using a PYRAMID OF LEARNING, I would analyse the performances of every student to clarify me my lesson plan or highlight the goal of the pyramid.

    Time flows rapidly during online lessons, so I would create a shorter “flowchart” with different kind of activities from...

  • The PACE model in foreign language teaching starts with the PRESENTATION of an authentic text or a recycled storyline. The teacher presents it in a motivated way. It is a text that highlights a skill or a grammar point. The A of PACE means ATTENTION. Students pay attention to what has been established as a goal at the beginning of the lesson. The C is for...

  • Subject: grammar
    Topic: the complement pronouns
    The practicalities of managing the ideas : with lessons online, I coud provide two different levels of difficulty. Students could choose the level of difficulty.
    The challenge for the students: writing / oral production about a new topic - using the complement pronouns.
    Questions about this approach: Are...

  • I usually show them their improvements in listening or reading comprehension. I make them to listen previous dialogues so they can tell their progress.


  • As Natalia Frias comented, I show them that I really care. I don't work with children. I provide an organized lesson with at least four steps so the students could follow later as a guide for further revisions.

  • Hello @JaneWinter . NEUROLEARNING: Maybe I translated it directly from Spanish : neuroaprendizaje. It is the science of learning: neuroscience and education. JAVIER ALDANA on FACEBOOK has an open acount about this fascinating subject. And on Futur learn there is : The Science of Learning National STEM Learning Centre

  • I use JAMBOARD in my lessons online. Students can write, answer, order dialogues or figures on it. It is like a thinking organiser. Where DO the students go next in their learning? I would like them to come back to this board and recreate new dialogues. Are they going to do that? That is a good question =)))

  • After a reading, I've used TRUE OR FALSE, "challenge the teacher with questions", "re-establish the true". These activities allow them to re-use their knowlegde.

  • Scaffolds are always at the beginning of every activity. For example, photos, sharing personal experiences or doing global listening in order to highlight what they know. Scaffolds in the middle : filling or sharing detailed information.

  • In the classroom, there are “More Knowledgeable OtherS” than me. Students tend to help each other during lessons. I "disappear" many times during lessons to let them work freely and complete different types of activitíes.

  • What factors helped you master this learning? The hurry of seeing an immediate result - the commitment - the passion - and no help in sight. Students must understand that the effort is up to them and we teachers have to learn how to trigger their effort ... at least in the beginning.

  • Fine-tune observation and self-observation in classroom by applying the best strategies supported by neurolearning

  • @ClaireLevesque C'est une bonne idée!!! Merci beaucoup!!!