Tracey Raye

Tracey Raye

Tracey is the Health Editor at BBC Good Food. She is a registered nutritionist, holding an MSc in Personalised Nutrition and further qualifications in Psychology & Philosophy. Follow her @traceyraye

Location United Kingdon


  • @EthanMonaghan great point Ethan. It's so important to enjoy the foods you eat!

  • @RuthWoodley that's brilliant, good job!

  • @EvgeniyaKulagina freezing vegetables is such a good way to enjoy them during times when it might be harder to source fresh items. Great tip!

  • @TeresaDando that's great to hear! Hopefully we can inspire some new recipes with this course:-)

  • @RuthWoodley some varieties may have additives, but we suggest looking for the packets that are 100% cooked rice. Again, feel free to cook your own rice if that is your preference, but the pre-cooked rice can be a great option if someone is tight on time or has limited kitchen utensils etc.

  • Hi Jenny, yes, you can absolutely use cooked brown rice, the pre-cooked pouch is just a convenient option if you're tight on time.