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  • I think that with unreal life, people confuse

  • When I have a problem I need to read book & for know about hard life

  • I like to know about all off thinks

  • I'm sociologist

  • Hi I'm sociologist

  • When I was 17 years old, learned this program, now I am 50 years old.

  • Sometimes it is necessary to collect information, among the items being researched while they do not know that you are a researcher.

  • I was Radio producer, made program. For make Radio program, we need people data

  • Sociologist and Artist

  • Thank you so much

  • An example of inactive structures:
    Seasonal forecasts for wind speed anomalies provide a long-range outlook of changes in the Earth system over periods up to 6 months.

  • If discovering the unknown is interesting to you, then try to research in the same field to make the study interesting for you.
    The attractiveness of the subject of your studies will help you to be persistent and not give up acquiring knowledge halfway

  • We can submit our comments forever with written assignments for the university

  • The study for me is done on two levels. In the first stage, the study will be superficial and fast, and in the second stage, in-depth study, along with research and search for content in other sources

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    The best way to make friends is to find people who share your thoughts.

  • “An extensive range of vocabulary is crucial in order to articulate your ideas with the utmost clarity and precision.”
    To express our ideas and opinions, we must be familiar with specific and idiomatic words

  • Thank you

  • I think that, we need , artistic life
    Meaning that; life with artistic methods

  • Hi
    I'm sociologist & Artist

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    I'm sociologist

  • First of all, thank you to all the teachers who teach in cyberspace
    Learning in cyberspace is very difficult.
    I know the community and I want to help people with disabilities and people with disabilities in cyberspace, I hope I can give them hope in life in creative ways

  • I feel, human is a creature with scattered particles in the universe and our mind is part of the biological knowledge of our universe.

  • My name is elham
    I'm sociologist &Artist

  • I agree

  • Hi, I'm sociologist & Artist.
    I was radio program producer.
    I like to learn.

  • Thank you very much

  • These misconceptions about gender discrimination must be removed from popular culture

  • First of all, I am against gender discrimination. Then he does not know that human beings are men and women and so on.
    Humanity is for human, beyond any gender

  • This feeling that was created for you was due to the wrong thoughts of the society.
    If one day this view changes and gender misconceptions are erased from the culture of humanity.
    We will have a world without gender discrimination...

  • As a child, I did not feel any difference between men and women. Even now, based on my sociological experiences and research, I do not know any distinction between men and women. Physical differences are no convincing reason for gender differences.

  • I hope you are always healthy

  • Because of all the interest in painting ...
    As a painter, I suggest you paint

  • I have dealt with people with dementia, I think sometimes they think better than seemingly wise people

    About the first exercise: Since I am a graduate of painting, I usually see objects as glass, there is nothing in another shade.
    About 2 :Complex world - conflict - confusion - suffering - loneliness
    About 3:Objects - Layout - Colors - Forms - Viewing...

  • In my opinion, as a graduate of painting, all people have a percentage of dementia.
    Myself, when I draw, the rhythm of my brain changes, in a way, my mind moves away from the real world and the concept of objects changes for me while painting.

  • This course was very, very valuable and useful. As someone who got a bachelor's degree in painting 20 years ago, I loved this section.
    You may still take courses in modern art and the twentieth century

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    This course was very, very valuable and useful. As someone who got a bachelor's degree in painting 20 years ago, I loved this section.
    You may still take courses in modern art and the twentieth century.p;ease

  • I do not specialize in this field

  • Good luck

  • I live in a strange world in my mind, but my world is not a game, although it does not look like the real world, but I do not like to turn the world of my mind into a game.

  • Good luck

  • Good luck

  • Good luck

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    Now I realize that my mind sees the game in several layers, the reality of the image. (The same thing that bothers me). Maybe you should see the images in an unrealistic and superficial way.
    Maybe others find it enjoyable for them.
    I would like someone to explain to me, please

  • I agree

  • I think games should have a story

  • But games bother my mind

  • I do not like games at all

  • I'm not agree,the game is not art

  • Since my mind sees multi-layered games, it is boring and repetitive for me, I am surprised by the children's interest in games, maybe my multi-dimensional mind also has a problem!

  • I do not like computer games at all, I have never played. I know the games and study its effects.
    Although I was the first person in the country to learn computer with DOS operating system, 1988,,,,,,,
    But the games were not interesting to me

  • Hi,I'm elham.
    I'm sociologist & Artistic
    I was Radio producer.

  • Interesting part of this course:
    This is: trying to find a way to solve social crises. Because now this issue is more important than anything

  • In these days of loneliness and homelessness because of the Covid19 is the biggest problem of depression and psychological problems, the international community must end this situation with unity and solidarity.

  • I agree

  • It must be a municipal service, so that the extra food reaches those who need food before it spoils

  • In general, lifestyle changes are the cause of change.

  • According to research, for the problem of obesity, "life expectancy" helps control weight.

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    To change, we need to see the world differently, to live simply.

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    I'm elham
    I'm sociologist & Artist
    I was radio producer

  • I have a bachelor's degree in painting and a master's degree in sociology, I have been a radio producer for many years, I am active in the field of social activities.
    I hope the information from these courses can help my social activities.

  • @RemcoDeKluizenaar I was a producer and editor of radio programs, we were almost collaborators

  • Good luck

  • There is no need to divide micro and macro in sociology

  • But Marx also changed his mind, even thinking dialectically in some cases.
    Dialectical logic, including; Thesis - Antithesis and synthesis.
    Marx's dialectical method established production relations as "thesis" or equal, and the productive force as "antithesis" or equal.
    And is called the mode of change and transformation of production or institution.

  • For example, referring to pop art ...
    We no longer see any trace of 18th or 19th century art in it...

  • Indigenous Australian painting depicts their actions and clothing

  • Hans Holbein the Younger was a German painter and printmaker who worked in a Northern Renaissance style.
    Holbein's main specialty was face painting. He had comprehensive information about the composition of the Italian majesty, body structure, and sculptural form.
    He followed the traditions of Northern realism in the art of Flanders.


  • Hello everyone
    Did you know that ....
    Among the images of the films, there are many advertising images that the eye does not see, but is recorded in the mind ...
    This is an informative warning ...

  • Good Idea

  • When I was a radio producer, I made social marketing programs that had good social feedback.

  • If it is field research, that is, it can be concluded through interviews and coexistence with people.

  • I don't agree
    Marx has no conflicting views.

  • This is the definition given on Wikipedia:
    "Conflict theories are perspectives in sociology and social psychology that emphasize a materialist interpretation of history, dialectical method of analysis, a critical stance toward existing social arrangements, and political program of revolution or, at least, reform."

    But what I do know:
    In the school of...

  • Durkheim's view does not apply to every nation and every stratum or every society....
    What do you mean by that?
    despite the lack of space that is provided for individual autonomy.

  • I, as a sociologist, and based on my research and the opinion of my professor, who was himself a student of Herbert Blumer.
    I do not believe in micro and macro in sociology.

  • I meant to express a whole, that is, if there is anyone who is involved in the simplicity of life or superficial life. Today is the time to remind everyone that life is something else, somewhere else.
    We should not wait for the end of life like 50 years ago, that is, whatever age we are, wherever we are in life, we should continue to learn until we breathe.

  • Goffman's view of the world is more logical and plausible.
    He has come up with more modern theories about "self" and the role that humans play.

  • Durkheim's views are deterministic.
    This kind of thinking is not compatible with today's world

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    Theories are the necessary rules for social life

  • Hi, I'm elham
    I have master's degree in sociology and bachelor's degree in art.
    I was radio producer

  • I delete my story ....
    Because your course gave little information and difficult questions to present the degree. I am not satisfied at all

  • Pixar storytelling

  • It may seem strange, but on lonely days of COVID 19 contagion, Talk with your plants. Listen to the sound of birds, wind and rain, see the beauty of an apple, a tree, when you flow with nature, you relax.

  • I recently had a course at Futurelearn where the speaker was Jamil, an actor, but she spoke beautifully.

  • Hello everyone
    I'm elham
    I'm sociologist & Artist

  • As a sociologist, I recommend; Love yourself first, then pay attention to others.
    When you take care of yourself, you will have time for exercise, and timely rest.

  • Being away from society will be one of the biggest psychological issues that every human being will face