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Hi! I'm Dr Peaks (they/them). I'm currently Senior Lecturer and MA Internet Equalities Course Leader at the University of Arts London's Creative Computing Institute. I publish research as "P M Krafft"

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  • Many people might first encounter SMART objectives in a corporate or workplace context where they are used for shaping work tasks. This might give the framework a bit of an awkward or negative connotation for some people. Personally I still find them useful, and actually I even proactively try to get SMART objectives set by my line managers at work because in...

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    Woohoo! Let's do it!

  • I feel excited and happy with how awesome this course is! A little anxious, hoping people engage in the comments. A bit exhausted whizzing through the course on my final editing pass here. Will have to take a little break before getting on to Week 2.

  • First time I looked over this article, I didn't see the link to the template. Make sure to click that!

  • The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

  • Looking forward to hearing about everyone's initial ideas!

  • The people in these videos are so cool :D ;) :P

  • If you aren't already a member of a trade union, join a trade union now! Anyone can join almost any trade union. If you are interested in tech or tech justice, you can join UTAW even if you aren't currently working in tech.

    If you are a member of a trade union but aren't an active member, reach out to a rep or union officer and say you want to get more...

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    Listening to Deji, and it occurs to me I visited a UK rail strike picket line this week. The trade union movement in the UK, and particularly the folks most involved in solidarity work---attending picket lines of other workplaces and unions---have a lot of older people. We need the youth to be getting out on the pickets!! If you are a young person, go to your...

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  • As far as I know, I can't see what you voted for, but I assume FutureLearn can somewhere in their logs, and it's worth keeping in mind that it's probably not a great habit to be indicating you are inclined to pursue violent revolution in online polls. Surveillance state, etc.

  • Image of a square of paper with torn edges resembling a treasure map with a circuitous path between a circle and an "x" and a label reading "activism": https://imgur.com/a/nJpejJl

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  • Here I am going to model a random comment that doesn't respond to the prompt for comments in the article text, which is fine for you to do too! Please feel free to share whatever is on your mind as long as it is in line with the course code of conduct.

    I was initially confused by the image on this article because I thought the question mark meant the image...

  • Looking forward to hearing about who others are inspired by

  • Thank you to everyone who contributed!! What a great team. :)

  • Personally I hope this course can help to build "counter power" against corporate interests in the tech industry.

  • Hi, everyone! Looking forward to the class. :)