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Ejaz Ahmad

Freelance Interpreter and translator

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  • I am thinking to update my Linkedin page.

  • I would like to develop my business page on Facebook.

  • I want to develop my page on Facebook. I hope that this course will be helpful.

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    I told a true story about cheese.

  • we do not use words such as "doll".

  • monopolistic
    monopolistic (adjective)
    relating to a person or business that has exclusive possession or control of the supply of or trade in a commodity or service.
    "the investigation into monopolistic practices among supermarkets"

  • Same here

  • Thank you Khaled

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  • What is philology means?

  • I am colour blind.

  • Who is included in the Global South?

  • I do not have a professional profile on social media yet. I can use Linkedin or twitter as a professional profile. Facebook is also useful and easy to manage.

  • I am from Bristol, England. I want to use an online presence to promote my business.

  • How could she she put the sticker in the space? Bit difficult?

  • ECG used to diagnose if there is ischemic heart disease. It also helps to start the treatment.

  • Thank you. Need to see the video again to understand leads and the corresponding areas of the heart.

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    I am medical interpreter who would like to increase my competence.

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    Some Interpreters are also present for people who cannot speak English language. It is very hard to understand what is being said in the dock.

  • I am also surprised to learn that very old language and terminology is being used. I feel it is against the spirit of equal access.

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    Crown Prosecution Service, National Fraud Agency, and private agency, etc can bring a prosecution. Two key questions are considered, enough evidence and in the public interest to proscute.

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    I would like to mention the "Steven Lawrence Report (Mcpherson Report). This report found the police force institutionally racist.

  • You are right, Lynette.

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    What did Jo witness? What did Jo do at the scene of the crime? Who was involved in planning the attack? Where was Derek hit?

  • A lawyer is provided to the accused to advise them. Recording can be used in court. The caution is given to describe rights of the accused. For example, the right to answer questions.

  • Interesting reading in the week.

  • Joe will be arrested and interviewed by the police. His friends will also be interviewed.

  • The attack was planned and implemented and Derek was subjected to violence. Therefore, it was a crime.

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    Family pressure, stigma, fear of persecution by offenders.

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    I have come across several cases where the Asian women who were victims of domestic violence, refused to give statements to the police because of the family pressure. Therefore, it was difficult for the police to take the cases to the courts.

  • Black and individuals from minority ethnic (BAME) groups are over-represented in the criminal justice system. Obviously, there is more reporting of BAME communities in the media because they tend to be more likely to be searched and stopped.

  • It is interesting to see that definition of the crime is continuously evolving. Especially the role of society which dictates what is the crime and not.

  • Crime is about breaking the law. If any action impinges on another person's rights, it will be constituted a crime.

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    I work as a legal interpreter in English courts. I believe that this course will enhance my understanding of the legal system.

  • I am grateful for the feedback but it has not provided me with any feedback. It is only written "Yes".

  • There are a few wrong words uses in Farrah's email like thick rain, work difficult. On the other hand, Omer's writing is very formal and mistake free.

  • I have attended online seminars. They are useful. Sometimes you have to pay for this.

  • I have attended several web-based lectures recently because it is more practical due to COVID 12 epidemic.

  • Seminar: A meeting of a group of people with a teacher or expert for training, discussion, or study of a subject

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    I would like to improve my pronunciation by using the different applications and resources suggested in this course.

  • the same for me. Difficult to put stress.

  • I could not record on the application.

  • @NavjotKaur it is not always better to ask from peers rather than teachers. Good attempt.